Introducing Thought’s New Sustainable Essentials Collection

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This week we’ve collaborated with Thought to take a look at their new collection of everyday basics with an eco-friendly edge: The Sustainable Essentials.

Pegged as a selection of planet-friendly alternatives to the must-haves in everyone’s wardrobe, this is a collection of considered T-shirts, tops, leggings, underwear and more – everything you need to start dressing more sustainably from head to toe.

As Rachel Kelly, Creative Director and Founder of Thought puts it, ‘If you’re going to wear a white T, then why not choose a super soft GOTS organic and Fairtrade cotton one? Because there’s really no reason not to’. 

We take a look behind the scenes of the new collection, and ask the brand founder her inspiration behind the pieces, and why Thought have carefully selected the materials they use.

Thought’s New Essentials Collection

Thought Essentials collection

The Thought Behind The Collection

Ready to dress more sustainably? These feel-good basics are crafted from 100% sustainable materials – GOTS organic cotton, Fairtrade, natural and low impact fabrics – to give you the confidence your wardrobe is doing its bit.

The Feeling

Effortless design meets minimal impact. Making small changes to the everyday items you wear will have a huge impact on your footprint year on year.

You can build a wardrobe that is kinder to people and planet and look whilst great doing it.

The Essential Breton Top

Thought Breton Stripe Top

Thought founder Rachel says, “A classic Breton made the Thought way. Using 91% less water than conventional cotton and is certified throughout the entire supply chain as meeting GOTS and Fairtrade’s stringent social and environmental standards.

Every person involved in making this garment has been treated well and paid a fair wage. 100% responsible, minimal impact, timeless style.”

The Essential White T-Shirt

Thought Essential White organic cotton T shirt

Rachel says, “100% organic Fairtrade cotton, lovingly crafted by our team in India and then shipped over (we don’t use air freight).

This means we’ve kept emissions low, and your T-shirt was made without any chemicals, keeping our soil healthy and the people who make them safe. An easy throw-on you can wear all the time.

It’s the kind of white T that lasts forever. No need to replace it each season.”

Ecothes Style Tip

“Keep it minimal. Style your white t-shirt with a pair of jeans or Thoughts essential joggers, a gold chain necklace, and a sleek cross body bag for an effortless weekend look.”

The Essential Organic Cotton and Bamboo Leggings

Rachel says, “Our signature legging is made from renewable and biodegradable materials only. The organic cotton is super soft to touch, and when its blended with bamboo there’s a slightly silky finish which is lovely.”

Thought bamboo leggings

When asked about how Thoughts bamboo leggings fit, Rachel explains: “We’ve worked hard on the fit to make sure they flatter all body types and have sold tens of thousands since they launched. Try them and see what the fuss is about.”

The Essential Bralette

GOTS is the gold standard for organic cotton clothing. It certifies your garment has been crafted in a low impact process from seed to stitch.

Discussing the fit of Thoughts Essential underwear Rachel explains “This bralette molds to your natural shape, and it’s comfy enough to wear all day every day. These undies are also ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, they’re so gentle and get softer and softer the more you wear them.”

GOTS Organic Cotton Cami

Thought organic cotton cami

Rachel says, “This cami is made from strong 200gsm organic cotton, it’s ever so comfortable and soft on your skin, breathable, versatile, holds its shape and will last.”

This cami is perfect to wear on its own in hot weather or use as a layer in the cooler months.

Organic cotton is grown and sewn using up to 91% less water, 62% less energy and 46% less C02 than conventional cotton, so naturally it’s the only cotton we use.”

Rachel, Thought Founder

The Essential Dashka Jumpsuit

Rachel says, “The all-natural blend of organic cotton and renewable bamboo is made using minimal water – up to 91% less – and both crops are grown in a highly sustainable process.”

Thought Jumpsuit

“The fabric is so lightweight it feels like air – skims over your body so you can float through the day feeling great. A truly effortless essential. Don’t know what to wear? Throw on Dashka.”

Ecothes Style Tip

The Dashka jumpsuit is the perfect essential for a day-to-night transition. 
Pair with sustainable sneakers for a relaxed daytime look, and switch it up with responsible heels and red lipstick for effortless nighttime chic.

The Essential Jersey Joggers

Thought jersey joggers

Rachel says, “What’s not to love about luxurious loungewear?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing crops on the planet, and it removes C02 from the air as it grows.

These are sumptuously soft and cosy, like giving your legs a hug. Upgrade your down time.”

The Essential Jersey Dashka Trousers

Thought Dashka jersey pants

Rachel says, “This fabric is a renewable blend with minimal impact. It’s also hypoallergenic, feels so good on your skin, and doesn’t take much ironing, saving on time and energy bills.

They’re great for yoga and pilates, but also ideal for lounging.”

The Essential Cardigan 

Thought organic cardigan

Rachel says, “100% earth-kind organic cotton, entirely chemical free. Skin, wardrobe and planet-friendly, this hypoallergenic fabric doesn’t pill, meaning it looks lovely for longer. 

If you have one cardigan in your wardrobe, make this it.”

Wrapping Up: Thoughts Essentials Collection

We love the Thought and care thats gone into carefully selecting the sustainable materials and processes behind Thoughts essentials collection.

If you can’t decide which piece you need in your wardrobe, Thought are currently offering 3 for 2 on all essentials!

You can shop on their website to browse their whole essentials collection.


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