11 Best Vegan Belts from Cruelty Free Materials [2024]

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Are you looking for high-quality, durable vegan belts? Then look no further, as we’ve rounded up ten of the best vegan brands creating vegan leather and cork belts from animal-free and cruelty-free materials.

Many vegan brands are becoming innovative in creating new vegan clothing and accessories from cutting-edge animal-free materials.

Gone are the days of solely cheap-looking and poor-quality faux leathers. 

Today, you can find high-quality vegan leathers made from polyurethane (PU), recycled plastics, grape leather, cork pineapple leather (piñatex), and mushroom leather.

If you’re wondering about the difference between these vegan leathers, check out our summary below, or read the full article on the pros and cons of vegan leather.

PU is a plastic-based animal-free material. It’s created through a chemical process that, although it doesn’t heavily impact the environment, it’s still not the best eco-friendly option out there because it does generally require the use of non-renewable resources to create, and it isn’t readily biodegradable.

Steps are being made in the right direction, as some brands use recycled plastic to create PU faux leather, reducing reliance on non-renewables.

Harvested from cork trees, cork leather is an entirely renewable material. The cork trees are not harmed during the harvesting process, as only the outer layer of cork bark is removed. They’ll re-grow their cork exterior over time and can be harvested again in the future. No trees need to be cut down or harmed in any way. 

Cork leather is durable and naturally waterproof but may not be the best option if you’re looking for an exact leather look. 

Another popular vegan leather material is Piñatex, a material created from pineapple leaves, a by-product of pineapple harvesting. 

The pineapple leaves are turned into leather. However, some products often require a PU coating.

Piñatex has a leather look and feels similar to leather. However, it is entirely animal-free and has an eco-friendly production process compared to many other leather alternatives

1. Corkor

Corkor cork leather vegan belt

Material: Cork vegan belt styles for men and women

Best For: High-quality, plant-based, PETA approved vegan cork belts created ethically in Portugal

Corkor makes smart and stylish belts ethically from locally sourced cork in Portugal.

Cork is a plant-based, natural, renewable, and robust material, used for thousands of years thanks to its strong and durable nature.

The brand creates a range of men’s and women’s styles in varying shades and sizes to pair effortlessly with any outfit. Plus, Corkor offers a 2-year warranty with each belt.

Corkor mens vegan belt

2. Nae

Nae Vegan leather belts

Material: Vegan leather belt styles from vegan leather and nickel free belt buckle styles

Best for: Vegan leather belts created ethically in Europe from microfiber

For a chic selection of stylish belts, check out Nae, which stands for No Animal Exploitation. This Portugal-based vegan brand creates vegan shoes and accessories ethically from eco-friendly materials.

The brand has many vegan belts for women and men, including faux leather belts created from OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified microfiber.

Nae Vegan belts

3. Wills Vegan Store

Wills Vegan Store vegan Belts

Material: Bio-based vegan leather belts

Best for: Carbon neutral clothing and accessories. Women’s and Men’s eco-friendly belts

Wills Vegan Store creates chic handmade vegan leather belts from Italian bio-based vegan leather.

The brand has an impressive range, featuring men’s and women’s styles, from stylish round buckles to sleek men’s belts.

Since 2013, Wills Vegan Store has specialized in creating ethical vegan belts, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Wills vegan store vegan leather belt

4. Black Nopal

Black Nopal Vegan belts

Material: Cactus leather and brass buckle

Best for: Vegan leather belts from cactus leather

Have you ever heard of cactus leather? We introduce Black Nopal, a vegan brand creating vegan leather belts and wallets from Desserto® Cactus Leather, a PETA-Approved Bio-based vegan leather made from prickly pear cactus.

Black Nopal’s belts are sustainable and stylish, with the brand’s whole supply chain based in North America to reduce carbon emissions.

Black Nopal’s belts are high quality and are highly rated by customers, with the brands best selling belt receiving an average rating of 4.9/5 stars with over seventy reviews.

Black Nopal black vegan belt

5. Immaculate Vegan

Immaculate Vegan belts

Material: Cactus leather, apple leather, grape leather, Pinatex (Pineapple leather), and more

Best for: Largest selection of vegan leather belts

Immaculate Vegan is an online vegan marketplace showcasing the best vegan brands from all over the world.

Expect to find a range of vegan belts for men and women from various materials, including cork and vegan leathers, including Pinatex, grape leather, and apple leather.

Styles include minimal belts along with stylish and unique statement belts.

Immaculate Vegan belts

6. Watson and Wolfe

Watson and Wolfe vegan belts

Material: Vegan leather and cork

Best for: 100% cruelty free and PETA Approved luxury vegan leather belts and cork belts.

British-based vegan accessories brand Watson & Wolfe creates a range of ethical belts for men and women using cork and cruelty free vegan leather.

The brand was created when founder Helen realized the barbaric treatment of animals used to produce luxury goods within the leather industry.

Watson & Wolfe’s belts are minimal and neutral, perfect for pairing with a formal suit, casual jeans, and everything in between.

Watson and Wolfe black belt

7. Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat vegan belt

Material: Recycled materials and PU leather

Best for: Women’s vegan dress belts

Look no further than Matt and Nat if you’re looking for a stylish women’s vegan belt.

The vegan brand creates a range of vegan dress belts and statement belts in vibrant colors and styles.

The Canadian-based brand creates a vegan collection of belts, vegan bags, and accessories from sustainable materials, including recycled plastic bottles.

Matt and Nat red belt

8. Bhava


Material: Vegan faux suede

Best for: Vegan dress belts

If you’re looking for a statement belt, check out Bhava, whose small but bespoke selection of vegan suede belts is perfect for pairing over a dress or jeans.

Bhava hand makes its belts ethically in Spain, using traditional methods. The brand also creates a vegan shoe collection featuring stylish sandals, heels, and boots.

Bhava belt

9. Doshi


Material: Microfiber-based vegan leather belts

Best for: Minimal belts, black belts

Doshi’s vegan belts are perfect if you’re looking for a blend of smart style and durability.

The Doshi range includes vegan belts in both women’s and men’s styles, and they come in a variety of colors, from black to classic brown, to red. Vegan belts can sometimes suffer from quality issues, but Doshi’s hold their own against any animal leather option on the market.

Their customer reviews also highlight that the brand’s customer service team is highly responsive and helpful, so you’ll be able to reach out to them if you have questions.

Before buying, make sure you follow the size guides to find the perfect fit for you.


10. Vegetarian Shoes

Veg shoes belts

Material: Microfiber-based leather

Best for: UK-based brand, more breathable than plastic-based leather

Veg Shoes has you covered whether you’re looking for a minimal black belt or a colorful vegan belt.

The English brand was started when Robin, the founder, discovered a synthetic microfiber material being used in the yachting industry but hadn’t been applied to clothing. It felt like animal leather but was more breathable than most plastic-based leathers.

Today, Vegetarian Shoes creates a range of products, including high-quality belts that come in a range of colors and styles.

Despite the name, everything the brand stocks is 100% vegan friendly.

11. Tiradia

Tiradia cork belt

Material: Portuguese Cork belt with brass and nickel free belt buckle

Best for: Women’s and men’s vegan belts

Tiradia creates PETA-approved vegan cork belts that pair easily with any outfit. In addition, the brand creates custom belts using sustainably sourced Portuguese cork harvested naturally and ethically without harming the tree.

Thanks to the naturally waterproof, durable, and biodegradable properties of cork, it makes a fantastic alternative to plastic-based vegan materials.

Tiradia vegan belt

We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering new brands, and hopefully you’ve found the perfect belt.

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Please let us know your feedback in the comments below.


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