Allbirds Tree Dasher Review – Dasher 2.0 vs Dasher 1.0

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In 2022 San Fransisco based shoe brand Allbirds launched an updated version of their popular Allbirds Tree Dasher – the running shoe that catapulted the brand into the sustainable running market.

Having tried, tested, and loved the original Tree Dasher (seriously, I’ve worn my tree dashers almost every day for over a year), we couldn’t wait to see what improvements the brand had made to their classic style.

I wear my Dasher not only for running and walking, but I also go to the gym in my shoes and attend dance classes. In this Allbirds Tree Dasher review, I’ll look at the shoes as an overall fitness shoe for all types of movement.

We didn’t pay for these Allbirds, the brand kindly sent us a pair to test, but all the views here are our own!

Let’s jump in and find out what we liked and disliked about the tree dasher in the following Allbirds Tree dasher review.

The Facts – Allbirds Tree Dasher 2

Allbirds Tree Dasher 2.0
Allbirds logo
Name:Allbirds Tree Dasher V2
Weight:10.3 oz
Heel Drop:7 mm (Forefoot: 15.5 mm Heel: 22.5 mm)
Best for:Short Distance Runs 5-10K, Everyday wear, Walks, Light Workouts
Ecothes Rating:4.5/5
Where to buy? or Allbirds stores.

Allbirds Tree Dasher Overall opinion

Overall the Allbirds Tree Dasher 2.0 is a comfortable shoe suitable not only for running short – mid distance, but its also a great everyday shoe perfect for casual wear.

The shoe isn’t great in the rain as its not waterproof, however the improved grip makes it better than the original dasher. If you want a waterproof running shoe, I recommend you check out the Allbirds Wool dasher mizzle style. But, If you’re looking for a traditional running shoe thats eco friendly, supportive, and cushioning, the tree dasher 2.0 is a great option.

What I LikedWhat I Didn’t Like
✔ Great sole cushioning for running❌ The new grip sole can cause squeaking on gym floors
✔ The improved heel support was better than the Dasher 1.0 version❌ The heel and the sole are slightly bulkier than the original model
✔ Eco-friendly materials❌ Not waterproof – you can get a waterproof version – the Wool Dasher Mizzle
✔ Improved traction and grip with the improved sole for better running confidence❌ Not suitable for vegans (because they use wool in the heel lining)
✔ Tree Dasher 2.0 is lighter than the original model

Allbirds Tree Dasher Review: Unboxing and first impressions

Tree Dasher Colours

I opted for the Allbirds Tree Dashers in the color Blizzard with the Blizzard Sole. My previous dashers were navy, so I thought I’d check out the lighter color.

Allbirds have created the updated version in similar classic styles and a range of limited edition styles like red, blue, and orange. However, some limited edition colors can sell out quickly in popular sizes.

Allbirds recyclable packaging

Allbirds Shipping

The Allbirds arrived quickly in the mail (within two days of ordering), were in perfect condition, and were shipping in their shoebox as the packing box – which is excellent for reducing packaging. Inside the box, there was no plastic used, only recyclable packing – this gets a thumbs up from our Ecothes team.

On first impressions of the shoes themselves, the style is similar to the original Dasher; however, there are some notable differences.

Allbirds sustainable running shoes tree dasher 2
Allbirds Tree Dasher v2 (right) and Allbirds Tree Dasher 1 (left)

Tree Dasher Sizes

I ordered my actual size (US 9.5), and the shoes fit perfectly, not too big or small, and cushioned my foot perfectly.

Allbirds now offer half sizes in most styles, and the brand says that the sizes are true to size for most customers. But they recommend sizing up a half-size if you have wide feet.

Fit and Feel

As I’ve mentioned, the shoes fit perfectly from a size standpoint. However, there are some notable differences between my old Tree dashers and the new tree dasher 2.0, so I’ll discuss them in more depth below.

The main differences? Tree Dasher 2.0 vs Allbirds Tree Dasher (Original)

Improved heel support

One negative I had when I first tried my original tree dashers was that I found them to sit quite low on the back of my ankle as though they were slipping off – I got used to this over time and didn’t notice, but this is something Allbirds have fixed in their newer model.

The updated model sits slightly higher on the back of your ankle and has a built-up padded heel collar, which Allbirds have added to help lock your ankle in place. I quite liked the new addition of the heel collar. However, if you’re prone to blisters, I can imagine it could be a point where the shoes may rub.

Allbirds Tree Dasher review 2.0
Improved Allbirds Tree Dasher 2.0

Reflective eyelets

Allbirds have made the eyelets reflective on the newer model for improved safety when running in the dark. You can’t tell this just by looking at the shoes; I only notice when they reflect at night.

Better grip

Another improvement Allbirds have made in the new model is the improved sole grip. The original dashers had moderate grip but didn’t have any protruding tread on the sole.

The dasher 2.0 has much better-improved traction, as they have a sole with added grips.


The new model is slightly lighter, at 10.3 oz vs. the original weight of 10.67 oz. The reduction in weight makes the difference as the shoes feel lighter on your feet.

Price: Tree Dasher 2.0 vs. Tree Dasher

The Allbirds tree dasher 2.0 retails for a price of $135 vs. the original dasher price of $125 (currently on sale for less), so the new and improved Dasher is slightly more expensive, but you get the added features.

Allbirds tree dasher review 2.0
Allbirds Tree Dasher 1 (left) Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 (right)

Allbirds Tree Dasher Sport performance

Running performance

I usually run regular 5Ks and around one 10K per week. I change between my Allbirds Dashers and my Brooks adrenaline running shoes for these runs. Overall, the Allbirds Tree Dasher 2.0 is the superior running shoe. The improved grip meant I felt more confident running on wet surfaces, and the added cushioning in the heel and the sole gave my joints more protection as I ran.

Allbirds sustainable shoe grip

In hindsight, I should have gone for a darker color, as the white can get easily stained, especially if running cross country or across fields. However, if you’re looking for a specific trail shoe, Allbirds have a trail version that would be better suited than the Dasher).

Walking performance

I wear my Allbirds dashers to walk everywhere and found that the tree dasher 2.0 had the advantage in terms of performance. The newer model has more cushioning around the heel, and the sole feels bouncier.

Allbirds Tree Dashers on a walk
Wearing my Allbirds Dashers on a 5K walk

Dance / Gym performance

Overall, I preferred the original tree dasher for my dance practice – I found that the updated version had too much grip, which restricted my movement, and I liked the smaller sole shape for gym sessions.

What Materials Are Allbirds tree Dashers Made From?

Allboirds Tree Dashers are made from a range of sustainable materials, which make these shoes an excellent eco-friendly running shoe alternative.

Allbirds uses:

  • FSC-certified TENCEL Lyocell for the uppers – a material made from eucalyptus fiber from Eucalyptus trees.
  • Midsole made from EVA derived from sugarcane (sweetfoam midsole)- a sustainable alternative to plastic EVA
  • FSC-certified natural rubber outsole
  • Recycled plastic shoe
  • bio-based foam insoles
  • Heel lined with ZQ merino wool

Unfortunately, like the original model, the Allbirds Tree Dasher’s aren’t suitable for vegans because the brand uses merino wool to line the heel cups.

Where to buy Allbirds?

You can shop Allbirds through their website The brand also has brick and motor stores across America, Asia, and New Zealand.

If you’re not set on the Tree Dashers, the brand have other running shoes for longer runs – the Tree Flyers, and also create casual shoes for everyday wear like the classic Wool Runners and Tree Runners.

Allbirds Alternatives

I’m a big fan of Allbirds, but they aren’t the only sustainable shoe brand out there. If you want to check out Allbirds alternatives, check out our post on shoes like allbirds.

How to Clean Allbirds?

You can easily clean your Allbirds using a brush and mild detergent, and by washing them in the machine on a cold delicates wash.

For a full complete guide on how to wash your Allbirds, check out article here.


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