6 Best Period Underwear Brands for All Day Comfort

Reusable, leakproof underwear is a game changer in how we deal with our periods every month, whilst diverting millions of plastic sanitary products away from landfill.

In the past, your period meant being forced to use uncomfortable, sticky, and leaky tampons and pads. Today, there is a wide range of brands creating period underwear that will help you get through your period comfortably and confidently.

In this article, we’ve found some of the best period underwear brands creating underwear to get you through your period. All of the options here are machine-washable, and made with ethical, sustainable materials.

Choosing the right underwear is vital, and all of the brands we’ve featured offer generous return policies too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are period underwear and how do they work?

Period panties resemble regular pants. However, the difference in design usually includes a special multi-layered lining in the gusset of the pant, which absorbs liquid into a moisture wicking lining. A waterproof/ leak proof lining is usually paired with an ultra absorbent lining, to make sure trapped moisture can’t escape, and ensuring there are no leaks.

There are varying absorbency levels available across different products, with pants holding between 1 tampon worth up to 5 tampons worth. In addition, different brands use different layering technology with varying thicknesses to keep you dry. Research before buying to make sure you find the perfect pair for your body and your flow.

How do I clean my period pants?

Most brands have similar instructions, rinse with cold water after use, then throw in the washing machine on a low temperature setting with laundry detergent. Most brands recommend you hold off on the fabric softener as it can lead to the breakdown of the absorbent layers. 

Each brand has its specific care instructions, however, so make sure to check this when buying.

Note from the author: It is surprisingly easier than you would think to keep your period pants clean. The thought of rinsing in the sink after use initially put me off buying a pair; however, once I bought a pair and washed them out for the first time, you barely noticed any blood in the sink, and it is super discreet to rinse them out.

Note from Bethany @ Ecothes: It is surprisingly easier than you would think to keep your period pants clean. The thought of rinsing in the sink after use initially put me off buying a pair; however, once I bought a pair and washed them out for the first time, you barely noticed any blood in the sink, and it is super discreet to rinse them out.

What are the benefits of period pants?

Period pants are a great eco-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary products. Every year thousands of tonnes of single-use tampons and pads are sent to landfill where reusable pants can last anywhere up to 2-3 years if cared for correctly.

Period pants are also convenient for the mishaps we sometimes have – I wear mine around the time of my period to make sure I don’t get caught out and ruin my favorite pair of pants!

Do I still have to wear a tampon with period pants?

Everybody is different, and this will depend on your preference and flow. Most products are designed to eliminate the need for disposables, meaning you don’t have to wear a tampon. There are varying levels of absorbency out there, from 1 tampon worth over five tampons worth. Finding what feels right for you is essential to ensure comfort and confidence.

Let’s take a look at the recommendations.

Our 6 Favorite Period Underwear Brands

1. Modi Bodi

Modibodi Period Underwear, reduces plastic to landfill

Sustainability: Sustainable fabric including bamboo and organic cotton, sustainable supply chain, Give a Pair donation program supporting people in need worldwide

At a glance: Secure and absorbent period pants, in a range of practical and sexy styles. Great choice of colors.

Modibodi are experts in keeping you dry, secure and leak free during your period. They use organic and recycled materials in the production of their ultra absorbent period pants. The pants are made from multiple layers which wick moisture and absorb and lock in the blood to ensure you are leak free.

They have many different styles to suit everyone. You can select the absorbency you want from super light, which will hold up to 1 tampons worth, to Maxi 24 hour, which will hold up to 10 tampons worth.

We also like Modibodi’s ‘Give a Pair’ donation program. This year they’re donating $1,500,000 in period underwear to women and girls around the world who need them but don’t have access to affordable period products.

2. Thinx

Thinx After Dark set period underwear

Sustainability: Poverty-reduction program with their charity Give Rise, and campaigning to end period tax and inequality through their Thinx2020 campaign.

At a glance: Period undies for all shapes and sizes, thongs, hipsters and many more pant styles. They even offer period swimwear.

Thinx are on a mission to end menstrual inequality and end period poverty through their Thinx2020, and Give Rise campaign. They also support the education of girls around the USA, through their EveryBody program, providing medically accurate information about reproductive health in a safe, empowering space.

They ensure that workers in their factory in Sri Lanka where their products are manufactured, supported by their Women Go Beyond program, which provides education, language classes and support them.

3. Aisle

Aisle Period Pants

Sustainability: Social programs supporting young women in Uganda, sustainable and natural fabrics, Certified B Corporation since 2012, work with women-owned manufacturing partners

At a glance: Super absorbent period pants that come with a bonus absorbency booster

One pair of Aisle’s period pants saves up to 88 disposable pads, and is the equivalent of 9km of driving emissions reduced.

Aisle supported the set up of AFRIpads, a social enterprise helping girls in Uganda to get crucial access to menstrual and reproductive health and education. The brand has also donated thousands of menstrual products to girls in over 18 different countries.

In terms of materials, Aisle sticks to sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics that are kind to the planet, and kind on you. Materials include Tencel, organic cotton, and recycled polyester.

Aisle have a small but core selection of pants that are super comfortable to keep you feeling confident and leak free all day. You can also add washable and reusable ‘booster pads’ to your pants for extra absorbency.

Ability to add ‘booster pads’ to your pants, to add extra absorbency, these can be removed washed and used for days with heavier flow.

4. Knix

Knix Period Underwear

Sustainability: Positive Returns Initiative (donated 35,000+ bras to women’s shelters), free of toxic chemicals and PFAS, OEKO-TEX certified, sustainable and plant-based materials

At a glance: Period underwear with three levels of absorbency. A range of styles to suit every body shape and size.

Knix make a range of underwear, including a selection of leakproof underwear for periods and incontinence. The brand uses sustainable and plant-based materials like seaweed for it’s anti-odor properties, and Modal, and also ensures their materials and dyes are free of harmful chemicals.

The brand invests in social projects like their Positive Returns initiative, which takes returned, unused bras and donates them to women’s shelters across North America.

The brand has a Life After Birth Project, in collaboration with the Black Women’s Health Imperative. The program funds training for 20 Postpartum Doulas and free postpartum care to 80 families to help women thrive and regain their strength and independence after childbirth.


Wuka Leakproof underwear

Sustainability: GOTS Organic Cotton, Vegan, ethically made, chemical and odour free.

At a Glance: Ultra absorbent period pants, high waist, boxer, midi and bikini brief styles.

Wuka pants are super absorbant, made up of many layers including a layer which absorbs blood, and a layer which is moisture wicking which keeps you feeling dry and secure. Each layer is absorbent but breathable, and naturally anti bacterial to keep you feeling fresh, clean and dry. They have different absorbency ratings so you can choose pants to suit the heaviness of your flow.

Wuka period pants will last for over 2 years with the right care, this stops hundreds of plastic sanitary pads and tampons destined for landfill.

The materials are all Vegan, free up chemicals, and use GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

6. Dear Kate

Dear Kate Sanitary Underwear

Sustainability: Partnership with Days for Girls, donating a pair of Dear Kates with every $100 purchase to a girl in need.

At a glance: Hipster, brief and thong styles with different absorbency ratings, between 1 and 2 tampons. Hipster styles providing great coverage.

Dear Kate period underwear ensures you can stay clean and dry every day of the month, keeping you dry and odour free from period, pee, spotting and sweat. /they achieve this with their 3 layered technology, which you can check out on their website.

They don’t use any plastics or films in the production of their pants, as these materials trap moisture. Instead, their super breathable 3 layers allows you to be confident in every pair.

Wrapping Up: Best Period Underwear

There are many different period underwear brands, styles and products to choose from. Finding the right product to suit you and your body is important to allow you to feel comfortable and confident.

If you’re looking for other sustainable recommendations, check out our favorite organic cotton pads, sustainable lingerie, and organic cotton underwear.

Let us know if you have tried any of the brands on the list, or any recommendations you have, in the comments below.


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