10 Nontoxic Natural & Organic Pads For Your Period

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We’re careful what we put on our bodies. We use natural skincare with no harsh chemicals and clothing that can damage the planet. But why should the products we use at that time of the month be any different?

Many regular menstrual pads are dyed with harsh chemicals or treated with synthetic fragrances, which can disrupt your natural hormone balance and irritate your skin. Plus, many conventional pads contain pollutants known as dioxins, according to the World Health Organisation, which can have toxic effects on the body.

I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely not something I want anywhere near my intimate areas every month.

Along with being irritating for your intimate parts, most period products like period pads and panty liners are made with a nonbreathable plastic lining, which often causes discomfort due to sweat and stickiness building up. In addition to the yucky feeling plastic pads leave us with, the plastic pad is nonrecyclable, meaning every conventional pad you’ve ever worn in your life will probably still exist somewhere in a landfill…Yikes!!

Luckily, there are alternatives to the conventional pads, so If you’re not a fan of period panties or reusable pads, but you still want to make a more eco-conscious choice in disposable pads this period, check out our favorite natural and organic pads below.

What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is a natural fiber grown from the cotton plant. Unlike conventional cotton, the largest textile crop consumer of pesticides globally, organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals.

Organic cotton is also grown with less water, saving up to 91% compared to conventional cotton.

Overall, cotton has negative environmental impacts, but organic cotton is a nontoxic alternative with environmental benefits.

What are Organic Pads?

Organic period pads are pads that are created with an organic cotton top layer as opposed to conventional cotton or plastic.

Organic pads are usually free from harmful chemicals, dyes, and other nasties that can cause a hormone imbalance or irritate the skin.

Are Organic Pads Biodegradable?

While some organic pads are biodegradable, not all organic pads are. Some brands create organic pads with a polymer backing, which unfortunately won’t readily biodegrade. If you’re looking for biodegradable pads, we’ve specified which will biodegrade below.

The Best Natural and Organic Pads


TOTM organic pads biodegradable period pads

Sustainability: Biodegradable pads create from non toxic organic cotton, wrapped in a compostable filling

Materials: 100% organic cotton absorbent core, top sheet & wings, biodegradable backing, nontoxic adhesive

Price: from $4

Forget uncomfortable period pads and say hello to Totm – the period care brand creating plastic-free, natural pads from nontoxic organic cotton.

Totm period products are entirely vegan, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic, meaning they’re suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

We love that Totm pads feature a biodegradable backing instead of nonbreathable plastic, and we’re obsessed with the fact they even come in compostable packaging.

Totm also has a convenient subscription service that will deliver your pads to your door, so you won’t have to forget about running out of pads ever again.

2. Natracare

Sustainability: Plastic-free pads and panty liners, biodegradable packaging

Materials: Organic cotton, no harsh chemicals

Price: from $3

Did you know the average pack of period pads contains up to five plastic bags worth of plastic? That’s why NatraCare creates plastic-free pads from organic cotton to stop plastic pollution and allow you to have a comfortable period.

The brand doesn’t use harsh chemicals or synthetic dyes but instead uses natural breathable materials.

Also available to shop from NHC.comtheethicalsuperstore.comEarthhero.com, and Grove.com

3. Rael

Rael natural pads

Sustainability: Nontoxic pads, No harsh chemicals or chlorine, organic cotton grown in Texas

Materials: Texas-certified organic cotton and chlorine-free natural pulp, waterproof polymer

Price: from $7

Rael organic menstrual pads get great reviews – seriously, over two thousand five stars! They’re made from Texas-grown organic cotton without harsh chemicals, dyes, or chlorine – making them super soft, nontoxic, and irritant-free.

Rael pads come in light, medium, and large sizes. The brand also creates a night pad and XL overnight pads, so there’s a pad to match every flow. Rael also creates panty liners, reusable pads, and period underwear.

One downside of Rael is that they do feature a waterproof polymer backing which unfortunately isn’t biodegradable. However, the pads are still a great option if you’re looking for organic pads that won’t irritate your skin.

4. Organyc

Organyc organic period pads

Sustainability: No plastics, no chemicals, dyes, or chlorine

Materials: 100% Organic cotton

Price: from $8

Organyc pads give you excellent absorbency and leak protection while respecting sensitive skin.

The brand doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or plastics, instead choosing natural, nontoxic materials that are kind to your body.

Organyc pads come in all sizes and thicknesses and create organic tampons, oh and they’re easily available to shop from Walmart.

Also available at Walmart and ethicalsuperstore.

5. Oi

Oi organic cotton Period pads

Sustainability: Biodegradable pads, organic cotton, No toxic chemicals, harmful preservatives, or synthetic additives

Materials: Organic pads from GOTS-certified organic cotton

Price: from $5.99

If you’re looking for biodegradable pads, Oi is your go-to brand. The period care brand creates nontoxic pads from organic cotton without using any harmful chemicals, dyes, or synthetic fragrances.

Oi organic cotton pads feature a leak-resistant back made from biodegradable corn starch – an innovation we love to see.

Also available to shop at Walmart.

6. Sustain

Sustain organic pads

Sustainability: 100% organic cotton, no plastic polymers, no harmful chemicals or dyes, Certified B Corp.

Materials: 100% organic cotton

Price: from $6.99

Sustain is a women-led brand focusing on improving period products that are kind to your body and the planet.

Sustain’s organic pads are made from 100% organic cotton without dyes or synthetic chemicals. Plus, Sustain pads don’t feature a plastic-based liner to help with breathability – don’t worry, your pads will still be leakproof and super comfortable.

7. Honey Pot

Honeypot herbal and organic sanitary napkins

Sustainability: 2% of sales sent to charity organizations

Materials: OCS-certified organic cotton cover pads with essential oils, waterproof bio-based polymer backing

Price: from $8.99

Honeypot is a women-led brand creating a different type of period care. The brand infuses its organic cotton pads with natural essential oils to help cool and soothe your intimate area and mask odors.

Honeypot products do contain essential oils, which may not agree with some people, make sure you check the ingredient list in case you’re allergic to any essential oils.

8. Cora

Cora Organic sanitary napkins

Sustainability: Organic cotton top sheet, no GMO, no dyes, no harmful chemicals

Materials: Organic cotton, polyethylene back sheet, and wings.

Price: from $9.50

Cora is here to provide comfort through the uncomfortable. If you’re like me, I have terrible period pains every month, and the last thing I want to think about is whether my pad could be making things worse.

That’s where Cora comes in, a brand created to give you peace of mind on your period. Cora’s organic pads are designed with an organic cotton top sheet and a leakproof polyethylene back sheet.

9. Lola

Lola natural period care

Sustainability: Natural materials, including organic cotton

Materials: 100% organic cotton top sheet and core

Price: from $8.50

Lola creates nontoxic pads and liners with a unique hourglass silhouette to improve leak protection. The brand uses 100% organic cotton without synthetic fibers, dyes, polymers, fragrances, or chlorine bleach.

Lola offers two absorbency levels, regular and heavy, so that you can choose the right pad depending on your flor that day or night.

The brand also creates a range of period pants, menstrual cups, and organic tampons.

Check the price at Walmart.

10. Blume

Blume organic cotton pads

Sustainability: Biodegradable packaging, 100% organic cotton, a portion of sales goes to period charities

Materials: 100% Organic cotton

Price: from $8

Created by two sisters on a mission to normalize talking about periods, sex-ed, and puberty, Blume exists to allow us to have a healthier, more comfortable period.

Blume creates breathable, comfortable, absorbent pads from organic cotton that mold to your body’s natural contours.

P.S. the brand also creates a Cloud 9 cramp oil for natural relief for those excruciating cramps.

Wrapping Up: Natural & Organic Pads

We hope you’ve enjoyed the article and have found some great brands creating organic pads for your period.

Make sure you check out the best organic cotton underwear for the other days of the month.

If you’ve tried any of these brands, or know a brand that should be featured, drop us an email, or leave a comment below!

Here’s hoping you have a happy period, Bethany x


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