The 10 Best Vegan Heels to Strut Your Stuff

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Are you struggling the find a pair of vegan heels that are comfortable and stylish?

Look no further. We’ve rounded up the best vegan heel brands out there in this handy list. So you’ll be strutting your stuff in confidence that no animals were hurt in making these heels.

Let’s jump in.

The Best Vegan Heels

1. Bhava

Bhava vegan heels, a block heel in metallic vegan leather

Heel styles: Vegan pumps, strappy heel, vegan stilettos, and vegan mule styles

Materials: Italian vegan leather, cork, organic cotton, and recycled microfibers

Sizes: US 5-11 / EU 35-42

Shipping: US

Bhava is a vegan shoe brand, designing stylish vegan heels from completely animal-free materials.

Bhava’s core values are to look after animals, people, and the planet; it does this by ensuring ethical production methods and using environmentally friendly materials to create its stunning vegan heels.

Example of Bhava vegan heels, slingback heels in glitter vegan material


Heel styles: Vegan wedges, vegan high heels, vegan kitten heels

Materials: Recycled materials PVB

Sizes: US 5-10 / UK 3-8

Shipping: US, Canada, UK, EU

are our favorite; we’ve featured them on other posts, including vegan sandals. They are a Canadian vegan clothing brand creating gorgeously modern vegan heels and sandals.

All of their heels are 100% vegan, and their designs are stylish and versatile; they can be dressed up or down and are perfect to compliment any outfit.

Matt and Nat are committed to producing ethical shoes. It only works with factories that provide safe working conditions for workers. The Matt and Nat team personally visit all of their factories three times per year to check that they comply with their high standards.


Heel styles: Vegan high heels, vegan clogs, kitten heels, heeled sandals

Materials: Vegan leather alternatives including apple leather, Pinatex, and more

Sizes: EU 36-41 / US 5-11

Shipping: U.S, U.K & International

is an online marketplace curating and selling the hottest must-have vegan brands right now. In addition, it showcases vegan shoe brands producing classic and timeless vegan heels, including All kind, Taylor and Thomas, and Mireia Playà.

Immaculate Vegan is a great site to shop from, as they help lift other vegan shoe brands by stocking items from other small sustainable brands that need a bigger platform.


Stella McCartney vegan high heels

Heel styles: Vegan sandals, vegan clogs, vegan wedges, and espadrilles

Materials: Vegan and cruelty-free materials, including PU leather and recycled polyester

Sizes: US 4-12 / UK 1-9

Shipping: Worldwide

This list wouldn’t be complete without featuring luxury designer brand Stella McCartney. This British fashion brand has championed high-quality vegan leather goods as an alternative to leather for two decades.

Stella McCartney’s heels are the most expensive compared to other brands on the list, but the quality and craftsmanship of its vegan shoes, coupled with cutting-edge designs, mean they’re worth every penny.

Stella McCartney vegan wedges in tan

5. Wills Vegan Store

Wills Vegan Store vegan suede court shoes

Heel styles: Vegan court shoes, pumps, brogues, and stilettos

Materials: Vegan suede, carbon-neutral Italian vegan leather shoes, natural rubber soles

Sizes: US 5-10 / EU 36-42

Shipping: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand UK – Carbon-neutral Shipping

If you’re looking for a genuinely sustainable and completely vegan shoe brand, you need to check out Wills Vegan Store. As a certified climate-neutral company, Wills Vegan Store creates completely vegan leather shoes and accessories from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Wills Vegan Store has the perfect selection of vegan heels perfect for work and play, featuring city courts and brogues to vegan stilettos.

Wills Vegan Store city brogues in vegan leather


Cult of Coquette dazzling open toe vegan heels

Heel styles: Vegan mules, stilettos, open toe heels

Materials: Synthetic non-animal derived vegan materials

Sizes: US 5-12

Shipping: US & International

For bold statement heels, should be your new go-to vegan heels brand.

Cult of Coquette creates luxury vegan shoes in bold stand-out styles from vegan materials. PETA recognizes them as an approved fashion brand.

However, some of their materials aren’t as sustainable as other brands featured on the list – Cult of Coquette recognizes this and is working on using more eco-friendly materials.

7. Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin vegan heels featured image heels with satin bows

Heel styles: Vegan kitten heels, mules, vegan wedding shoes, stilettos, and high heel styles

Materials: 100% recycled faux leather lining, PU leather, satin derived from polyester

Sizes: EU 35-43

Shipping: UK / EU / US & Canada

Luxury vegan footwear brand Beyond Skin has been designing amazing vegan shoes for over two decades.

Designed in England and ethically handcrafted in Spain, Beyond Skin uses the finest Italian vegan leather for its trademark vintage-inspired styles. Its heels collection is timeless and versatile, featuring glamorous pointed-toe kitten heel mules and bold statement block heels.

Beyond Skin vegan heels in red and white gingham print

8. Nae

Nae vegan heels with sparkle heel

Heel styles: Vegan stilettos and vegan court shoes

Materials: Cork, Ecological Microfiber OEKO-Tex certified water-resistant material

Sizes: US 5-10 / UK 3-8

Shipping: Worldwide

NAE, which stands for No Animal Exploitation, is a vegan shoe brand, creating ethical vegan heels ethically in Portugal.

Nae uses natural materials, like cork and organic cotton, recycled materials such as fabric from recycled plastic bottles, and non-animal derived synthetic materials.

Nae vegan cork heels

9. Allkind

Allkind vegan leather stiletto heels

Heel styles: Stiletto court heels

Materials: Vegan leather

Sizes: US 6-10 / UK 4-8

Shipping: UK & International (Custom fees apply)

Allkind produces stylish must-have classic designs that offer a high-quality alternative to traditional leather goods. All shoes are carbon-neutral, and Allkind is committed to using sustainable and animal-free materials, and all vegan heels are produced ethically in Spain.

Allkind donates 5% of its profit to important causes, including PETA and The Rainforest Trust.

Allkind vegan court heels


Heel styles: Vegan pumps, vegan wedges, vegan mules

Materials: Woven raffia, faux leather linings, non-animal derived glues

Sizes: US 5.5-11

Shipping: Worldwide, but with minimum order requirements outside the US

Matisse makes a variety of vegan heels and wedges designed for effortless, easy living that you can dress up or down.

Not all of their heels are vegan; however, Matisse specifies which products use vegan materials, making it easy to find the perfect pair.

Matisse uses woven raffia, faux leather linings, and other PETA-approved vegan alternatives to create their gorgeous styles. In addition, Matisse makes packaging from 100% recycled paper products and only uses non-animal glue and vegetable-based dyes.

Matisse Vegan heels

Wrapping Up: Top 10 Vegan Heels

We hope you loved our ten favourite vegan heels, and have found the perfect pair to help you dance all night.

Make sure to check out more of our vegan recommendations including the best vegan jeans, sneakers, sweaters and vegan purses.

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