14 Stylish Vegan Handbags & Purses for 2024

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On the lookout for a stylish vegan purse?

You’re in the right place.

Despite leather handbags often being seen as the premium option, that time has gone. Vegan leather is a cruelty-free, viable, high-quality, and more eco friendly alternative.

We’ve curated a selection of vegan handbags that range from affordable to high-end. Whether you’re looking for handmade baskets made or high-fashion brands like Stella McCartney, there’s bound to be a brand that’ll take your fancy here.

We hope you like the brands we’ve included, and do feel free to leave us a comment at the bottom of this page if you have any other brand recommendations!

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Our Favorite Vegan Handbag and Purse Picks


Gunas New York vegan purses

What we love: Bright, vibrant colors, unique designs, ethically made vegan purses and bags

Materials: 100% vegan and cruelty-free materials, including plant-based vegan leather Mulbtex

Price: from $60

has been creating animal-friendly, sustainable, fully vegan bags for over 10 years.

They use materials such as polyurethane, coated canvas, and plant-based faux leathers, as well as recycled fabrics.

Gunas has a wide variety of bags, and we’re confident you’ll find one you love. If their customer reviews are anything to go by, your bag is going to last for years.

2. Svala

Svala vegan handbag

What we love: Stylish designer vegan handbags, backpacks, and purses all 100% cruelty-free

Materials: Vegan Pinatex leather and sustainable materials, including Cork

Price: from $55

Svala creates beautiful, stylish, versatile pieces that are all animal-friendly and produced sustainably.

You can choose from a variety of luxury, vegan handbags, totes, clutch bags, wallets, and accessories.

Every item is handcrafted in LA, made from premium fabrics like Italian PU (polyurethane), Portuguese cork, and Pinatex® (made from pineapple leaf fiber).

Each bag is handcrafted in Los Angeles, made by local experts in good working conditions, and paid fairly.

If you’re not convinced, they also donate 10% of their profits to various charities and organizations, including Wild Aid, whose mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade.


What we love: Unique vegan crossbody, clutches, handbags, and backpacks created using FSC certified cork.

Materials: 100% animal-free, FSC certified cork

Price: from $70

makes purses and accessories in natural, sustainable ways. If you’re worried about ‘fake leather’, then Corkor is for you. Their cork bags are a perfect alternative to vegan or real leather and you’ll love the quality.

They have a PETA-approved vegan certification and the cork they use is FSC® certified.

Corkor vegan purses and accessories are all made using non-toxic inks and dyes, and they have water reutilization systems to minimize water waste.

Corkor’s purses are all hand made by local artisans in Portugal, and you can be sure that they’re finished to the highest quality.

4. JW Pei

JW Pei Vegan Bag

What we love: Sustainably produced, customizable designer purses and bags

Materials: Vegan leather, faux suede, and recycled plastics

Price: from $40

JW PEI is a Los Angeles-based accessories brand that designs and creates beautiful vegan leather purses online.

They’re affordable, great quality, and completely-cruelty free.

Their vegan purses have been featured in places like Vogue, Elle, Refinery29, and more, and they’re a great way to make a statement.

The bags come in a variety of styles, from leather, to wicker, so there’ll be something for everyone.


What we love: Sustainable designer handbags, ethically produced, 100% Vegan PETA approved

Materials: Recycled plastics, vegan leathers, including leather made from apples

Price: from $50

has already saved over 10 million bottles from entering landfills.

They’re on a mission to prove that you can make beautiful and cruelty-free vegan purses, handbags, and more. They’re a Peta Approved brand, meaning that they never use any animal-based ingredients in their products (including in glues).

Instead, LaBante uses materials such as recycled plastic bottles, vegan leather like Luxe Polyeuthrane, microfibre, and recycled vegetable fibers.


Sinbono vegan leather bags

What we love: Affordable vegan handbags that are PETA-approved and made from recycled materials

Materials: 100% vegan materials, including recycled materials and recycled fruit skins

Price: from $69

SINBONO is an independent designer creating stylish vegan handbags and accessories.

The brand crafts animal-free handbags from recycled plastic bottles and recycled fruit materials, meaning SINBONO is kind to the earth and animals.

7. Canussa

Canussa vegan leather handbags

What we love: PETA-approved luxury vegan handbags handmade ethically in Spain

Materials: Upcycled ocean plastic lining, vegan leather created from STANDARD Oeko-Tex 100 microfiber

Price: from $50

Canussa is a luxury Spanish brand creating bespoke vegan handbags from high-quality vegan leather. The brand prides itself on its timeless designs and creates its bags ethically in Spain.

The ethical accessories brand takes a responsible approach to its production practices and the materials it uses. For example, Canussa uses 100% animal-free materials, free from harmful chemicals or dyes.

8. Mashu

What we love: Mashu will plant five trees for every purchase, carbon-neutral shipping, completely vegan vehandbags and purses

Materials: Vegan leathers Pinatex, recycled and deadstock fabrics

Price: from $200

Mashu is a vegan leather handbag and accessories brand creating stylish vegan bags from vegan leathers, recycled, and deadstock materials. Every order is shipped carbon neutral, and they offer worldwide shipping.

Their designs are unique and quirky, designed in London and hand-crafted in Greece.

Mashu is an ideal brand if you’re looking for an on-trend, contemporary, completely vegan handbag or purse.

9. Melina Bucher

Melina Bucher clutch

What we love: PETA approved, vegan leather handbags and purses

Materials: PU-based vegan leather and organic cotton

Price: from $360

Melina Bucher is obsessed with two things: handbags, and animals. That’s why this luxury purse brand uses completely vegan materials, from glues, to waxes, to dyes, earning them a PETA-approved vegan certification.

The bags are exquisitely designed, and combine form and function so you can use your bag everyday without compromising on practicality.

The bags are made from PU-based vegan leather that’s water and stain resistant, and use GOTS Certified Organic cotton for the interios. You can choose from different sizes, ranging from a small clutch, to a larger shopper-style bag for days when you know you’ll need the extra space.

Melina Bucher is based in Germany, and ship all around the world. If you’re looking for a luxury vegan handbag, look no further!

10. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney vegan leather bags

What we love: Designer brand creating luxury vegan handbags and purses, donating to animal charities worldwide.

Materials: Luxury vegan faux leathers including recycled plastics

Price: from $500+

Stella McCartney is one of the OG vegan purse brands.

The high-end sustainable fashion brand is completely vegan. Their designer vegan bags are a great option for anyone looking for cruelty-free fashion.

As you might imagine, their range of vegan bags is highly fashionable and always look great, and made to last.

Whether you’re looking for a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, or a tote bag, Stella McCartney has you covered.

The only downside is the price tag. Regardless, we love the commitment to vegan fashion that Stella McCartney has shown for years.

11. Muzungu Sisters

Muzungu Sisters Vegan Wicker Bags

What we love: Handwoven ethically produced basket bags from local artisans

Materials: Natural renewable materials including local Palma nana straw

Price: from $300

Muzungu Sisters make unique, vibrant, and beautiful bags.

The bags are all handmade in a sustainable and natural way, and they aim to reduce the impact the production has on the environment as much as possible.

The bags are handwoven in fully-certified ethical facilities, and they work, with local artisans who work from home to sustain their families and life. All of the bags are hand-embroidered too, as they aim to uphold the traditional means of production.

For example, the basket in the picture above (Sicilian Basket I Black) is handmade in Sicily, and then embroidered on the east coast of Italy by one of the last remaining producers that know the traditional methods. It takes three days to make a single basket, but as you can see, the attention to detail and authenticity is second to none.

12. Matt & Nat

Matt and Nat vegan purses

What we love: High-quality vegan bags and purses, a wide variety of styles to choose

Materials: Cruelty-free, Biodegradable and recycled materials

Price: from $30

Matt & Nat are a vegan brand from Montreal that we love.

We’ve talked about them multiple times, including in our post on vegan shoe brands.

Their bags live up to the standard they set for themselves.

If you’re wondering what their vegan bags are made of, well, it could be a range of things.

Matt & Nat use a variety of fabrics such as recycled nylons, rubber and cork, and recycled plastic bottles to create durable faux leather.

If you’re looking for a vegan bag that’s the perfect blend of stylish and affordable, we highly recommend them.

13. Kayu


What we love: Sustainably and ethically produced using recycled materials

Materials: Wood and shell

Price: from $200

If you’re looking for the ideal summer bag, Kayu could be for you. Their bags are made from natural straw that comes from sustainable sources, including seagrass.

Unlike mass-produced ‘straw’ bags (which are often made of plastic), Kayu’s bags will eventually biodegrade and go back into the natural ecosystem.

They also use wood and shell in their bags.

For the wood, they only use wood that’s left as a by-product of the furniture industry, helping eliminate waste and give those materials a new life.

Many of their bags are finished with shell, and the pearls and shells they use are often by-products of the food industry, again, eliminating unnecessary waste.

The bags are slow-made, often taking days for each bag to be handcrafted. Artisans in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia create Kayu bags using traditional methods and are all paid a living wage.

14. Wilby Clutch

Wilby Clutch purses

What we love: Affordable vegan purses made sustainably in the UK

Materials: Recycled textiles, cork, and organic cotton

Price: from $50

Wilby Clutch is a UK-based sustainable brand that has been vegan since Day 1, back in 2013 when Wilby was founded.

All of their bags are approved by PETA, and they use materials such as organic cotton, recycled textiles, and cork instead of animal leather.

They make a range of relatively affordable vegan purses, clutches, and handbags, and they ship worldwide. Definitely worth checking out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vegan Leather?

Vegan leather is a material that looks like traditional animal-based leather, but made using cruelty-free processes and materials.
Vegan leathers are commonly made from polyurethane (PU), cork, recycled plastics, pineapple leather (piñatex), and mushroom leather.

What is Piñatex?

Piñatex is a vegan leather made from pineapple plant waste.
Instead of letting the leaves of pineapple trees go to waste, innovative brands are starting to repurpose them into a pineapple leather.

Recap: Best Vegan Purse and Handbag brands

Feeling inspired?

We hope so! The brands included in this list are all highly recommended, and you won’t go wrong with any of them.

If you have a suggestion for another vegan purse brand we could include in this list, let us know in the comments section below!

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