18 Best Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands From the UK

The UK is a hub for sustainable and ethical fashion brands – you just need to know where to look.

They’re not just limited to London either.

You can find conscious brands all over the UK, and this list was created to help you find and buy from the best ones.

Let’s get into the list.

Sustainable Brands from the UK

1. Thought Clothing

Sustainability: Organic, eco-friendly, sustainable

Location: London

Thought clothing

Thought Clothing is the first ethical clothing brand from the UK we’re going to look at. They create organic, eco-friendly and sustainable clothes for both men and women.

The company is based in London, however, they currently don’t have their own brick and mortar store, so you’ll need to shop online.

Their clothes are reasonably priced, and I definitely recommend checking out their range of patterned socks made from materials including hemp and bamboo.

2. Boden

Sustainability: Fairtrade apparel, sustainable cotton, eco-friendly practices including zero-to-landfill, ethical supply chain, give back

Location: London

Boden sustainable brand from the UK

Boden is a well established sustainable brand from the UK and have been going since 1991 when they were started out of the founder’s kitchen.

They make menswear, womenswear, as well as kids clothing – so whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it at Boden.

They have 3 brick and mortar stores, all located in London – but you can also shop online, and their clothes are stocked by John Lewis all around the UK too.

3. People Tree

Sustainability: Fair Trade Certified collections, organic cotton collections, biodegradable materials

Location: London

People Tree UK eco friendly brand

Like Boden above, People Tree has been supplying the UK & beyond with sustainable clothing since 1991.

They don’t have a brick and mortar location, however, People Tree are stocked in stores all over the UK, and they have an online store too where you can find their latest collections.

Shop People Tree

4. Bar Jewellery

Sustainability: Recycled materials

Location: London

Bar Jewelry Sustainable Brand UK

London-based Bar Jewellery handmake all of their sustainable jewellery – ranging from necklaces to earrings to bracelets, in London. Everything is made in local factories and by skilled artisans.

Their pieces are timeless, elegant, and simple and they hope you’ll wear them for years to come.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a physical store but you can buy from them directly online, or from one of their stockists.

5. P.i.C Style

Sustainability: Locally sourced, sustainable, organic fabrics

Location: London

P.I.C Style

P.i.C Style, based in London, source all of their materials as locally as possible, and create small, stylish collections for women.

They create capsule collections, so you can create multiple looks with only 8 pieces of clothing, helping reduce waste (and make choosing outfits in the morning far more simple).

They don’t have a physical store, but you can purchase from them online.


Sustainability: Recycled materials, responsible manufacturing partners, handcrafted goods, carbon footprint reduction, and waste reduction practices

Location: London

Raeburn UK eco friendly brand

Christopher Raeburn is one of the most well known sustainable fashion designers from the UK. The brand – now known simply as RAEBURN – makes high end, high fashion garments, and accessories.

All of their materials come from recycled and sustainable materials, and they’re investing heavily into reducing their carbon footprint and any waste related to their production process.

You can visit Raeburn’s creative studio in Hackney, London, and you can also find their clothes stocked by established retailers all over the world.

7. Bourgeois Boheme

Sustainability: Vegan, cruelty-free, artisan-made

Location: London

Bourgeois Boheme UK

Bourgeois Boheme is a sustainable brand creating artisan-made, vegan footwear. They’re championing slow fashion, and the quality of their shoes (for both men and women) seems to be top-notch.

Their styles are timeless, and it would be hard to go wrong with any shoe from this London-based sustainable brand.

Their stockists are located all over the world, so even if you aren’t based in the UK you can easily pick up a few items online, or in person.

8. Stella McCartney

Sustainability: Vegan

Location: London

Stella McCartney uk sustainable brand

Even though you’ll likely know who Stella McCartney is wherever you are in the world, this vegan designer brand is headquartered in the UK and deserves inclusion in this list.

You can shop from Stella McCartney online, from a wide range of stockists online, or in two of her flagship stores in London.

9. Komodo

Sustainability: Ethical production, staff in their factories receive a living wage, and health and safety training. Organic materials. GOTS certified.

Location: London

Komodo UK eco friendly brand

Komodo have been perfecting their range of affordable, on-trend, eco and sustainable clothing for men and women since 1988 ( that’s over 30 years!).

They use a large range of interesting eco-friendly materials including hemp, Tencel, bamboo, rayon, and soya fiber.

Like many of the other UK based sustainable brands, they don’t have a physical location, but you can buy directly from their website or from a range of stockists around the world.

10. STORY mfg.

Sustainability: Natural, organic ingredients and dyes, artisan practices, vegan materials, cruelty-free, no waste

Location: Brighton

Story MFG uk eco friendly clothing brand

Featured as one of our favorite luxury sustainable menswear brands, STORY mfg. are a UK-based ethical brand you should definitely check out.

They have a ‘positive product manifesto’, around the central idea that their products are designed to benefit the earth, their customers and the people they work with.

It’s hard not to love the clothes they make – they’re highly unique, carefully designed, and made ethically using artisan practices and no waste.

Based in Brighton, however, with no physical store, you can purchase from STORY mfg. on their website or through a range of high-end stockists around the world.

11. The White T-Shirt Co

Sustainability: Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton, fully traceable supply chain

Location: North Shields

White T Shirt Company

As the name suggests, The White T-Shirt Co. specialize in one thing – T-Shirts.

They’ve expanded their range to include black tees and striped tees, as well as sleepwear, but the premise remains the same – create high-quality sustainable t-shirts that last.

They’ve partnered with pioneering Danish Company Novotex, the company behind the award-winning Green Cotton.

The White T-Shirt Co is based in the north of England and don’t have a physical store, however, you can purchase from them via their official website.

12. Beaumont Organic

Sustainability: Organic fabrics, artisan-made

Location: Manchester

Beaumont Organic uk sustainable brand

Beaumont Organic make stylish, artisan-made, ethical womenswear. Based in Manchester’s Northern Store, you can visit their brick and mortar store to shop in person.

They also host a range of workshops, including Macrame Wall Hanging workshops, how to build a brand with purpose, and even a natural wine tasting session.

Their priced in line with many regular higher end, but not completely luxury brands, and I definitely recommend checking them out.

Shop Beaumont Organic

13. Antiform

Sustainability: Reclaimed materials, heritage practices

Location: Bristol

antiform sustainable accessories and clothing

Bristol-based sustainable brand source, Antiform, make all of their clothes in the UK.

They use reclaimed materials and put them back together into women’s clothes and accessories using artisan, heritage practices.

They don’t yet have a physical store, but you can shop Antiform on their own website, or from a range of UK & European stockists.

14. Finisterre

Sustainability: B Corp, ethical supply chain, organic materials

Location: St Agnes

finisterre sustainable outdoor brand

Finisterre was established out of the desire to create ethically made, sustainable clothes for surfers. It’s, therefore, no surprise that they’re based in St Agnes, Cornwall.

They make sustainable clothing that is going to hold up in the great outdoors, and you can buy a range of clothes including outerwear and shoes for both men and women, as well as accessories such as water bottles, bags, and surf gear.

You can shop from Finisterre online, or, visit one of their stores located all over the UK. They have locations in London, Bristol, Edinburgh, St Agnes, Falmouth, Hawksfield, and Bath.

15. Nomads

Sustainability: Organic and sustainable materials, sustainable supply chain

Location: Launceston

Nomads Clothing

First of all, Nomads Clothing are a member of the British Association of Fairtrade Shops and Suppliers.

Secondly, they use a wide range of organic and sustainable materials such as Tencel, organic cotton, and viscose.

They use artisan methods such as hand-looming, the traditional art of wood printing, and tie-dye.

They make a wide range of womenswear, and you can also buy printed men’s shirts at Nomads.

They don’t have a physical store at the moment, but you can buy their clothes online or from a range of stockists.

16. Beyond Skin

Sustainability: Vegan, ethical supply chain, recycled materials

Location: Hove

Beyond Skin

Like Freerangers above, Beyond Skin is a fully vegan shoe brand (check out our complete list of vegan shoe brands here), creating their shoes from sustainable and recycled materials.

Their mission at the moment is to use 100% recycled, or fully sustainable materials within by 2025.

You can buy a range of women’s shoes, including flats, heels, boots, and sneakers.

You can shop from Beyond Skin directly on their website, and they deliver all over the world.

17. Monkee Genes

Sustainability: GOTS Certified factories, all organic cotton

Location: Glasgow

Monkee Genes Glasgow

Monkee Genes are a well established ethical clothing brand from the UK. As you may have guessed from the name, they make jeans (as well as other trousers, and some tops).

All of their factories are GOTS certified, meaning they can follow the route their jeans took from the field all the way to your wardrobe.

Monkee Genes are from Glasgow, Scotland and you can buy from them online, or in a wide range of stockists around the UK and Europe.

Shop Monkee Genes

18. STUDY 34

Sustainability: Natural yarns, sustainable supply chain

Location: Newcastle

Study 34 Newcastle

STUDY 34 makes luxury sustainable knitwear and is based in Newcastle.

They use all-natural yarns, and everything is made in a sustainable way. In fact, their products take around 9 months to be created, from design to store.

They’re not in a rush to simply create as many clothes as possible, STUDY 34 want to ensure everything is made carefully, and ethically in traditional ways.

They’re also committed to the Circular Fashion Commitment, and by 2020, 100% of STUDY 34 garments will contain a ‘repair kit’ containing information and instructions as well as the tools required to repair garments to extend their life

STUDY 34 doesn’t yet have their own physical store, but you can buy their carefully curated collection of natural luxury knitwear from their online shop.

Recap – Best UK Based Sustainable Fashion Brands

As you can see, the UK isn’t short of ethical brands creating great clothes, shoes, and accessories.

We’re always on the lookout for more, so if you know a UK based brand that should be in the list, I’d love to know!


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