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12 Best Ethical and Sustainable Trainers for 2024

Sustainable Trainer brands

Finding a pair of genuinely ethical and sustainable trainers can be difficult. Of course, you want a pair of trainers made with sustainable materials and ethical production, but you also want to make sure they won’t fall apart after the…

13 Best Eco Shoes Like Toms for Summer [2024]

Shoes like Toms

Are you looking for an alternative to Toms? We’ve got you covered with our round-up of the best sustainable shoes like Toms. Toms are the famous canvas slip-on shoes, but did you know there are many other sustainable and ethical…

9 Best Wool Shoes from Sustainable Brands [2024]

Wool shoes

Are you looking for wool shoes? Then, you’re in the right place. We’ve selected the best sustainable shoes created from responsibly sourced wool. Wool has grown in popularity in recent years in the sustainable shoe market, and for a good…

14 Best Shoes like Vans: Eco Alternatives to Vans [2024]

Shoes Like Vans

Are you looking for shoes like Vans? We’ve rounded up the best sustainable Vans alternatives from sustainable brands focusing on using eco-friendly materials and ethical production. Vans shoes have dominated the casual footwear market since the brand entered the scene in…

9 Sustainable Knit Shoes & Sneakers

Greats Knit sneakers

Knit sneakers are the newest shoe trend we can definitely get behind. When choosing a pair of knit shoes, you want them to be breathable, comfortable and not to mention, stylish. Here we discuss our favourite sustainable knitted shoe styles,…

SUAVS vs Allbirds: Which Shoe is Right For You?

Suavs Vs Allbirds graphic

Can’t decide between a pair of vs. Allbirds? With many sustainable shoe brands on the market, knowing which shoe to invest your money in can be challenging. But don’t worry. We’ve made it easy by comparing SUAVS vs. Allbirds in…