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8 Best Sandals like Birkenstock for Summer 2022

Nae sandals like Birkenstock Arizona

Are you looking for sandals like Birkenstock this summer? Don’t worry; we’ve rounded up the best Birkenstock alternative brands creating high-quality sandals from sustainable materials. If you’re like me, who loves the classic look of a Birkenstock sandal but hates…

7 Best Wool Shoes from Sustainable Brands 2022

Giesswein sustainable sneakers

Are you looking for wool shoes? Then, you’re in the right place. We’ve selected the best sustainable shoes created from responsibly sourced wool. Wool has grown in popularity in recent years in the sustainable shoe market, and for a good…

Atoms vs Allbirds: In Depth Comparison

Atoms vs Allbirds brand comparison

Can’t decide between a pair of Atoms vs Allbirds? No problem. We’ve analyzed each brand in detail and compared Allbirds vs Atoms in this handy guide to make it easier to find the right shoe brand for you. We cover…