10 Best Natural Throw Pillows For An Eco Friendly Home

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Looking for the perfect natural throw pillow to complement your room?

We’ve got you covered, with our list of the best organic throw pillows using natural materials and ethical production.

By selecting a natural or organic throw pillow, you’re not only protecting the environment, but also creating a safe space within your home.

Many conventional throw pillows and pillow covers are made of synthetic materials such as polyester or foams that are treat with harmful chemicals such as flame retardants and toxic dyes.

These chemicals can be released into the air as Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs, causing health problems, especially for those who suffer from chemical sensitivities.

Natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, wool, and bamboo are all renewable, naturally biodegradable, and hypoallergenic.

Switching to organic cotton instead of polyester can save energy and protect the environment, as polyester requires up to three times the energy to produce than cotton.

In addition, natural fibers don’t shed micro plastics when washing unlike polyester, which released micro fibers when washed. It is estimated that the washing of textiles causes half a million tonnes of microplastics to be released into oceans every year.

1. Coyuchi

Coyuchi natural throw pillows

Materials: Organic cotton throw pillows and natural pillow covers including organic latex throw pillow and down feathers throw pillow insert

Best for: Neutral earthy decorative style throw pillows and inserts

Price: $$$

Coyuchi is an organic lifestyle brand creating luxury natural throw pillows and covers for an eco-concious home.

The brand uses blends of GOTS certified organic cotton, organic linen, and other natural fabrics to craft its natural throw pillows, which are perfect to spruce up a couch or reading chair.

Coyuchis natural throw pillows get great reviews, and offer a 365 day guarantee on products.

Coyuchi organic cotton throw pillows


Materials: Undyed and dyed 100% cotton yarns, natural cotton covers and down pillows

Best for: Neutral and natural decorative pillows, sphere pillows, shaped throw pillows, throw pillow inserts

Price: $$

Female-founded luxury living brand creates on-trend pieces for your home using natural materials.

The Parachute throw pillow collections features throw pillow inserts of all shapes and sizes, including sphere, round, lumbar, and classic square pillows. In addition Parachute offers natural fillings including down, and cotton, along with down alternatives.

Parachute’s natural throw pillow covers come in warm earth tones which will blend seamlessly into your homes colour palette.

Parachute natural throw pillows

3. The Citizenry

The Citizenry natural throw pillows

Materials: Organic Cotton, natural sheep wool, vegetable tanned leather throw pillows, cruelty free down throw pillow inserts

Best for: Large selection of natural decorative throw pillows and throw pillow inserts

Price: $$ -$$$

The Citizenry is a collective showcasing the best hand made products from fair Trade certified artisans around the world.

The brand has one of the largest selection of natural throw pillows on this list, which allows you to mix and match bold designs with neutral tones to create a cohesive and calming space.

The Citizenry ensures all of its products are sustainable and Fair Trade certified, and guarantees artisans are paid a fair price for their beautiful designs.

The Citizenry offers free U.S. Shipping and lets you easily return products if you’re not happy.

citizenry natural throw pillows

4. Made Trade

Made Trade Organic and natural throw pillows

Materials: Organic cotton, linen, silk, and wool

Best for: Large selection of independent businesses creating natural throw pillows

Price: $-$$$

Made Trade is a sustainable online marketplace which showcases the best small sustainable brands from around the world.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the selection as the marketplace has over three hundred natural throw pillows to choose from, each created ethically and sustainably.

You can find natural decorative lumbar support pillows along with organic throw pillows created from luxuriously soft organic cotton.

Made Trade decorative couch pillows

Organic Cotton uses up to 91% less water to produce than conventional cotton, and is grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals.

5. Soil to Studio

Soil to studio natural throw pillows

Materials: 100% Handloomed natural linen

Best for: Vintage style throw pillow covers, Bespoke natural throw pillows

Price: $$

Soil to Studio is a women-owned POC brand celebrating classic Indian heritige by showcasing handloomed and handwoven designs from natural materials.

Soil to Studios bespoke natural throw pillows are are made in small batches by artisans in rural Indian villages, using local and natural fibers like wool, organic cotton, and silk.

We’re obsessed with the dreamy prints and unique designs.

Soil to studio cushion

6. Territory Design

Territory Design natural throw pillows

Materials: Fair Trade Cotton, natural wool, and other natural throw pillows

Best for: Neutral earthy tones, natural throw pillows

Price: $$

Territory Design creates natural, handcrafted home decor designed to uplift you and your environment.

The women-owned brand collaborates with artisans around the world, bringing traditional techniques and modern design together. The brand also supports rural communities, ensuring craftspeople are paid a living wage.

Terrirory Design’s organic throw pillows and inserts are perfect to create a calming space, and will fit effortlessly into any color scheme.

7. K-apostophe

K-apostrophe natural wool cushion

Materials: Natural wool

Best for: Unique and bespoke accent pillow

Price: $$$$

K-Apostrophe is on the higher end of the throw pillows we’ve featured on this list, but once you see the brand’s made-to-order unique designs and handmade pillows, its clear to see why they’re so expensive.

K-Apostrophe works with artisans in Mexico who hand spin wool into its vibrant designs. Each product is made-to-order and truly unique. By making products on an order by order basis, this allows K-apostrophe to reduce waste materials.

K-apostrophe decorative lumbar support pillow

8. Passion Lilie

Passion Lilie natural couch pillow covers

Materials: Fair Trade throw pillow covers made with cotton

Best for: Affordable couch pillows covers

Price: $

Passion Lilie is a sustainable brand crafting its natural throw pillows from natural and biodegradable materials with a zero-waste production model.

Each pillow is ethically made and supports communities in India, where workers are paid a living wage, and are supported through community development opportunities.

The brand sdoesn’t sell throw pillow inserts, but its covers each throw pillow measures 18″ X 18″ which will fit with most standards throw pillow inserts.

Passion Lilie natural pillow case

9. Loom & Field

Loom and Field natural throw pillows

Materials: Handmade pillows from natural materials, including wool and cotton

Best for: Neutral and earthy decorative style throw pillows and footstools

Price: $$

Loom & Field work with Moroccan artisans to create unique and bespoke small batch collections of rugs, natural pillows, and footstools.

The brands’ designs are calm and earthy, providing the perfect complement to any home.

Loom & Field also offer one-of-a-kind vintage pillows featuring a selection of traditional Moroccan silk and wool pillows.

Loom and Field wool lumbar pillow

10. Ichcha

Ichcha organic throw pillows

Materials: Organic cotton pillow, natural dyes, organic wool

Best for: Natural throw pillows

Price: $$

Ichcha is an ethical homeware brand created by three sisters passionate about responsible design.

The sisters design their bespoke homeware in their NYC studio and travel to India, where they work with expert artisans to bring their creations to life.

Each throw pillow is handcrafted using traditional block printing techniques and finished with natural dyes.

Ichcha hand made organic throw pillows

Wrapping Up: Natural Throw Pillows

We hope you’ve found the perfect natural throw pillow or accent pillow for your home. Each brand we’ve selected are using sustainable and natural materials, so you know your new pillow is good for you and the planet.

If you enjoyed reading this article and want to discover more amazing sustainable homeware brands, check out our guides on organic pajamas, organic bedding, and organic pillows.


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