10+ Best Sustainable and Non Toxic Candles

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A scented candle is the the perfect way to add warmth to a room. The glow of the flame combined with a cozy fragrance can lift your mood.

But, it’s vital that the candles you’re using don’t contain harmful substances that could potentially harm you or your loved ones’ health.

To help you find the perfect non-toxic candle for you, or for a gift, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. All of these brands use natural waxes, natural oils, and wicks made from materials that don’t emit harmful metals or substances when burned.

Are Regular Candles Toxic?

Lighting a candle and relaxing to a calming fragrance is something we all love, however, did you know there may be many toxic ingredients hidden in your regular candles?

We have outlined some key points below in what makes many candles you buy toxic:

1. Hazardous Fumes

Most candles are produced from paraffin wax; a colorless solid made from petroleum and coal. What most people don’t realize is, when paraffin candles are burned, they emit fumes which are similar in composition to fumes emitted by diesel engines.

When burned, parrafin candles release Benzene, which is a toxic compound with links to cancer and reproductive problems.

All the benefits of relaxing with a candle are eliminated if your candles are poisoning you, and anyone else in the room.

2. Wicks made from toxic metals

In the past, it was common to find candle wicks made from lead. Lead is a toxic material when burned, can cause lead poisoning.

Since 2003, the US has banned the use of lead in candle wicks, however other countries may not have the same standards, so make sure you check the wick composition before purchasing, for candles manufactured outside the USA.

Most non-toxic candles use wood, unbleached cotton, or a paper blend to create wicks. Regardless, make sure the material isn’t toxic when burned before buying.

3. Artificial fragrance

Many scented candles on the market use artificial fragrances to create their smell, many from potentially harmful synthetic-chemicals.

Fragrances like these emit substantial amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including those classified as toxic or hazardous by federal law.

The toxic substances these fragrances emit can be harmful when they build up to large quantities in the air, and even in low amounts they can be extremely hazardous and crippling to people with chemical sensitivities.

When buying candles, look for fragrances created using natural essential oils, rather than a blend of harsh chemicals. There won’t be any compromise in scent, and you won’t breathe in toxins every time you breathe.

Best Sustainable and Non Toxic Candles

Don’t worry though, you can still relax safely, with any of the following non toxic candles. These are all free from any harmful ingredients.

1. Scentered

Scentered non toxic candle calming fragrance

Wax: Natural waxes, sustainably sourced and non-GM, with pure essentials oils.

Burn Time: 18 hours

Fragrance: Oud, Frankincense and Sandalwood

Scentered create calming aromatherapy candles from natural sustainable wax. Their expert blend of essential oils transports you to a serene, calming environment, perfect for when you need to de-stress and chill out

As well as making candles for at home, Scentered have a range of handy travel size candles and candle travel pouches, so wherever you are, you can light your candle and have some “me time” , after a busy day.

Scenetered uses recycled packaging for all of their candles, and to avoid you having to buy entirely new candles, you can buy refill packs to top up your candle when you’ve used it up.

2. AMASS – The Art of Staying In

AMASS The art of staying in non toxic candle

Wax: Natural Soy Wax Blend

Burn Time: 60 hours

Fragrance: Grapefruit, light florals, and cozy woods

Once you light this AMASS candle, you won’t want to leave the house. The relaxing scent carries you away, with notes of citrus grapefruit, light florals, and cozy woods. The AMASS candle is completely cruelty free and vegan, poured from renewable soy wax.

The candles cost $48, which, for a luxury sustainable candle with a longer burn time than most, is a relatively good deal.

Oh, and the matte black glass candle holder will make an excellent addition to your shelves or coffee table.

3. Follain Candle No. 1

Follain sustainable non toxic candles, soy wax candle

Wax: A blend of soy, coconut and cotton seed oil.

Burn Time: 65-70 hours

Fragrance: Soothing lavender, creamy vanilla, sandalwood, and a touch of fresh bergamot.

Follains candles are all made from natural ingredients, featuring a metal-free, 100% cotton wick, and sustainable vegetable wax made from Soy, Coconut, and Cotton Seed oil.

Hand poured in the USA, this candle is free from synthetic and harmful fragrances, which means this candle is suitable for those with chemical sensitivity. So, light the candle, calm your senses, and be carried away with fresh scents of lavender, creamy vanilla and sensual sandalwood.

4. Grow Fragrance

Grow Fragrance non toxic soy wax candle

Wax: Soy wax and coconut oil

Burn Time: 40-45 hours

Fragrance: Lavender, peony and citrus.

Grow Fragrance makes non toxic, 100% plant based candles from natural ingredients (all manufactured in the USA). They are a B Corporation, meaning they meet strict high standards in ethical and sustainable production.

All of the ingredients in Grow Fragrance’s candles are listed on the product page, so you can personally verify that the candle you’re going to buy is free from any ingredients you want to avoid.

The brand is a member of 1% For The Planet, meaning they donate 1% of profits to help protect the natural environment each year. They’re also part of The Leaping Bunny Program, which is a cruelty-free certification to verify that no animal testing is done at any stage of product development.

5. Ritual and Fancy

Ritual and Fancy non toxic soy wax candles

Wax: 100% Renewable soy wax

Burn Time: 45-55 hours

Fragrance: A range of amazing fragrances all from natural essential oils, fragrance free options also available.

This women-owned POC-owned brand produces gorgeous hand poured natural candles, featuring dried flowers and pure essential oils. These non toxic candles burn clean and emit a healing aromatherapy fragrance, free from any nasty additives such as lead, dyes and parabens. Their candles are vegan, sustainable and made in Portland, USA.

The wax is a 100% vegan soy wax, and the wick is made of a slow-burning wood. Each flower is also pressed with flowers, giving each one a completely unique look and a splash of color.

6. Sundays

Sundays non toxic soy wax candle

Wax: 100% Non GMO-Soybean wax

Burn Time: 50 hours

Fragrance: Smoked hemp flower, Green fig and ginger

Sundays’ meditation candles are sustainable candles crafted from natural oils made from 100% Non-GMO soybean wax. The wicks are unbleached cotton, and the ceramic pot the candles come in are hand-made.

The candles are certified non-toxic and pregnancy-safe, free from parabens, synthetics, or petroleum.

When you’re done, make sure to repurpose the candle pot. The brand recommends turning it into a succulent planter, pen holder, or makeup brush holder.

sunday’s non-toxic candles come in two comforting, soothing, and refreshing scents, and have a burn time of 50 hours.

7. Diptyque

Diptique non toxic candles made from  vegetavle wax

Wax: 100% vegetable wax

Burn Time: 50-60 hours

Fragrances: Wide variety, including Fig tree, berries, wood fire, amber, and more.

Diptyque candles are already well-known. They look good, smell great, but come with a price tag.

However, we’re glad to report back that this brand has always avoided synthetic and artificial fragrances, opting instead for natural essential oils.

The candles are all Made in France from 100% vegetable wax, and incorporate a cotton wick that can burn for 50-60 hours.

As you would expect, Diptyque candles all come with the signature oval label that will look at home wherever you place your candle.

8. Prosperity Candles

Prosperity Candles ethical candles

Wax: Natural soy wax and coconut wax blend

Burn Time: 60 – 80 hours

Fragrance: Bespoke calming fragrances from essential oils

Prosperity Candles is a social enterprise that supports refugees through candle-making. Prosperity Candles works with refugees to provide training and employment in its Massachusetts-based workshop.

Here the artisan’s hand pour each nontoxic candle from an all-natural soy and coconut wax blend. Each candle features pure cotton or wood wicks and an essential oil fragrance.

9. Slow North

Slow North sustainable candle

Wax: Soy wax

Burn Time: 40 hours

Fragrance: 15+ fragrances including eucalyptus, basil, lavender, sweet clementine, and more

Slow North makes non-toxic candles out of soy wax. It’s a vegetable-based alternative to paraffin wax. A key benefit of using soy wax over beeswax is that it’s vegan-friendly and as it’s plant based, is completely renewable.

The wicks are lead-free, made from a simple blend of cotton and paper, held together with vegetable wax.

Slow North’s scents— which come in a variety of fragrances— are based on essential oils, free from synthetic chemicals.

Finally, the frosted glass candle holders are made in the USA and topped with an ethically sourced, 100% cork lid. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this sustainable candle brand.

10. milk + honey

milk and honey non toxic candles created from coconut and soy wax scented candle

Wax: Blend of coconut wax and soy wax

Burn Time: 60 – 70 hours

Fragrance: Ginger and blood orange, lavender and eucalyptus, sandalwood, vetiver, and cardamom.

milk + honey’s create a variety of cosmetic products, but have expanded their product line with a range of sustainable candles.

The wax in milk + honey’s candles is made from a natural blend of coconut wax and soy wax, giving a long burn time of 60-70 hours.

The fragrances are made from essential oils, and the brand avoids using artificial scents. Wicks are lead-free.

In your candle’s packaging you’ll also receive a lid, and a set of matches.

11. Homesick

Homesick non toxic candles fragrances from every city

Wax: Natural soy wax blend

Burn Time: 60 – 80 hours

Fragrance: Each candle has a bespoke fragrance based on the chosen home sick city.

Homesick create candles to bring you closer to the people and places you love by encompassing the fragrance and scent of your hometown into bespoke candles.

Every candle has a custom fragrance crafted from essential oils; choose from over 200 different products representing every US state and multiple cities and countries from all over the world.

Each candle is created from a natural soy wax blend and features an organic cotton wick. In addition, homesick candles are nontoxic and don’t contain any lead, plastics, or synthetic dyes.

Wrapping Up: Non toxic candles

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations for the best non toxic candles. Let us know if you have tried any in the comments below!

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  1. Beeswax and honey candles are made from natural ingredients and are a far healthier choice than conventional paraffin candles.

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