16 Stylish and Sustainable Jumpsuit Brands for 2024

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On the hunt for the perfect sustainable jumpsuit? You’re in the right place.

We’ve curated the best sustainable clothing brands from all over the world creating chic, stylish jumpsuits from responsible materials.

So whether you’re looking for dungarees, coveralls or a classic jumpsuit, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s jump in.

Best Ethical and Sustainable Jumpsuits

1. Reformation

Sustainability: Climate Neutral certified brand, creating women’s clothing from low-impact materials

Ecothes rating: 4.5/5

Best for: Formal jumpsuits, two-piece sets

Sizes: XS-XL

Ships to: Worldwide

Cool-girl clothing brand Reformation is famous for its chic and flirty designs. But did you know the brand is climate-neutral certified and uses sustainable materials, including recycled fabrics and organic cotton.

Reformation has a gorgeous selection of flattering jumpsuits perfect for strolling on breezy summer days and dancing all night.

2. Vetta

Vetta capsule wardrobe

Sustainability: Capsule wardrobe collections made with low-impact materials. With pieces made ethically made in the USA and Fair Trade factories.

Best for: Vetta Apron jumpsuit, which can be worn eight different ways

Sizes: US 0-18

Ships to: the US only

Vetta is a sustainable clothing brand creating gorgeous pieces which form part of a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing items that you can mix and match to create different outfits for any occasion.

Vetta uses low-impact and eco-friendly materials, including Tencel, linen, and organic cotton, to create versatile, chic clothing.

Most of Vetta’s clothing line is produced ethically in the USA, with a small percentage of clothing produced in overseas Fair Trade certified factories.

Vetta cape jumpsuit


Sustainability: Ethical jumpsuits made from deadstock fabric, organic cotton, and regenerative cotton.

Best for: Denim jumpsuits, denim overalls, cotton jumpsuit, and linen jumpsuit styles

Sizes: XS-XL

Ships to: US, UK & International

is a sustainable clothing brand creating dreamy dresses and jumpsuits ethically from sustainable materials.

So, if you’re looking for flowy, relaxed boho-style jumpsuits, Christy Dawn is your go-to brand.

Through their Farm-to-closet initiative, talented dressmakers make Christy Dawn’s sustainable jumpsuit styles in Los Angeles and India.


Sustainability: Sustainable clothing brand using sustainable materials and removing trash from oceans. Certified B Corporation.

Best for: Sustainable romper, organic cotton jumpsuit, denim jumpsuit

Sizes: XS-XL

Ships to: USA & International (duties vary)

Want to support the removal and trash from our oceans and look stylish simultaneously? Now you can with United By Blue.

United by Blue will remove one pound of trash from oceans for every product purchased.

United By Blue creates stylish and practical jumpsuits from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and recycled materials.

Every year conventional cotton uses around 44 trillion liters of water. By switching to organic cotton over conventional cotton you can save up to 91% of the water required to grow.

5. Tentree

Sustainability: Certified B Corporation and Climate Neutral Certified clothing brand, planting ten trees for every product purchased.

Best for: Sustainable romper and relaxed cotton jumpsuit styles

Sizes: XS-XL

Ships to: US, Canada & International

Canadian clothing brand Tentree designs relaxed and comfortable rompers and jumpsuits from natural and sustainable fabric, including super-soft TENCEL™ Lyocell and organic cotton.

Tentree’s soft and stylish jumpsuits will pair effortlessly with your closet and can be worn dressed up with a heeled boot or relaxed with a sustainable sneaker.

Tentree will plant ten trees for every product purchased; so far, the brand has planted over 70 million trees.

6. Pact

Pact relaxed fit sustainable jumpsuit

Sustainability: Organic cotton jumpsuits made ethically in Fair Trade certified factories

Ecothes rating: 4.2/5

Best for: Relaxed cotton jumpsuit in two colors

Sizes: XS-2XL

Ships to: Worldwide

If you’re looking for a relaxed jumpsuit, you can do pretty much everything in – check out the selection at Pact.

You can effortlessly pair Pact’s jumpsuit with an organic cotton tee for the perfect brunch look or simply wear it on its own for the ultimate loungewear.

Made with soft brushed GOTS certified organic cotton in fair trade factories, Pact’s organic jumpsuit uses less than 81% less water to create compared with conventional cotton.

Pact black organic cotton jumpsuit

7. Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co organic boilersuit

Sustainability: Natural organic materials, including organic cotton and hemp

Best for: Organic cotton jumpsuits, Boilersuits, rompers

Sizes: XS-XXL

Ships to: the US & International

Back Beat Co. is an incredible female-founded, BIPOC-owned business creating sustainable clothing from natural materials.

The brand has a great selection of organic cotton jumpsuits and boiler suits you won’t want to live without.

Back Beat Co. ships its cool jumpsuits from Los Angeles using recycled and compostable bags.

Back Beat Co Organic jumpsuit


Sustainability: Ethical jumpsuits made with natural and organic materials.

Best for: Organic cotton jumpsuit and romper styles, long-sleeved jumpsuits

Sizes: UK 6-18

Ships to: UK & International

UK-based sustainable clothing brand has a delightful selection of sustainable jumpsuits to suit every occasion, from lazy Sunday afternoons to fancy dinners with friends.

Each of Thought’s stylish jumpsuits is created ethically with eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and recycled polyester.

Thought relaxed print jumpsuit


People Tree Ethical jumpsuit in denim

Sustainability: World Fair Trade certified ethical fashion brand creating women and men’s clothing from eco-friendly materials

Best for: Dungarees, Overalls, jumpsuit with pocket, rompers, boilersuit

Sizes: UK 8-16

Ships to: UK & International

Another UK sustainable fashion brand featured on this list is , committed to protecting people and the planet.

Created by ethical fashion pioneer Safia Minney, People Tree ensures workers are treated fairly, are paid a living wage, and work in safe working conditions.

People Tree has an impressive selection of chic and sustainable jumpsuit styles, each created with eco-friendly fabrics.

People Tree ethical jumpsuit

Natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, and linen will naturally biodegrade, compared to synthetic fabrics like polyester which will take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

10. Whimsy and Row

Whimsy and Row made in USA jumpsuits

Sustainability: Handmade in Los Angeles from low-impact materials.

Best for: Formal jumpsuits and organic cotton jumpsuits

Sizes: XXS-XL

Ships to: US & International

Whimsy + Row is the perfect clothing brand if you’re looking for a formal sustainable jumpsuit. The brand’s organic cotton jumpsuits can be easily paired with a pair of heels or sandals for a gorgeous summer look.

The Los Angeles-based brand creates all of its designs locally and ethically at its LA factory. Using local production allows Whimsy + Row to build essential relationships with suppliers and reduce its carbon footprint.

Whimsy and Row white sustainable jumpsuit

11. Mate the Label

Mate the Label Linen Jumpsuit

Sustainability: Climate-neutral clothing brand creating sustainable clothing in LA.

Ecothes rating: 4/5

Best for: 100% natural linen jumpsuits, Short sleeve, and long sleeve jumpsuit styles

Sizes: XS-XL

Ships to: US & International (Duties apply)

If you’re looking for a sustainable linen jumpsuit, look no further than Mate.

Mate The Label creates relaxed, flattering linen jumpsuits in a range of naturally dyed colors and styles, perfect for any occasion.

This Los Angeles brand cuts and sews all of its clothing locally in its LA factory, using sustainable materials including organic cotton, linen, and Tencel™ Lyocell.

Mate is climate-neutral certified, meaning they offset all of their carbon emissions and are also members of 1% for the planet.

Mate sustainable cotton jumpsuit

12. Baukjen

Baukjen dungarees

Sustainability: Certified B corporation, with ethical production and sustainable materials

Best for: Ethical jumpsuit and playsuit styles and cotton dungarees

Sizes: UK 6-18

Ships to: UK & International

British clothing brand Baukjen is changing the fashion industry as we know it.

The brand is committed to caring for people and the planet and was awarded the UN Climate Action Award in 2021.

Baujken creates stylish and versatile pieces which can fit seamlessly into your sustainable wardrobe. Their jumpsuits’ can be dressed up or down and easily be worn casually or for workwear.

Baukjen ethical and sustainable jumpsuit

13. Tonlé

Tonle cape jumpsuit

Sustainability: Sustainable clothing brand with a transparent supply chain.

Best for: Patterned and printed jumpsuits

Sizes: XS-XXL

Ships to: US & International

Tonlé is an affordable, sustainable fashion brand with a stylish selection of ethical jumpsuits that will help you feel comfortable and confident.

Its jumpsuits are made ethically using reclaimed, eco-friendly, and natural materials, with many styles, created with zero-waste processes.

Tonle printed jumpsuit

14. Tradlands

Tradlands eco friendly fashion

Sustainability: Responsible manufacturing, limited batches, and low-impact materials

Best for: Coveralls

Sizes: XXS-XL

Ships to: Worldwide

Californian-based Tradlands creates high-quality, durable pieces designed to be worn with everything and last for years to come.

Their collections are produced responsibly in small batches in ethical factories, where people have a safe working environment and are paid a living wage.

We love their versatile jumpsuit collection, perfect for throwing on over a t-shirt or pairing with sandals.

Tradlands clay coveralls

93% of fashion brands don’t pay garment workers a living wage – help to stop the exploitation of fashion workers by only supporting brands who use audited and certified ethical production.


Made Trade sustainable jumpsuits

Sustainability: Sustainable marketplace showcasing ethical and eco-friendly clothing

Best for: Inclusive sizing, formal jumpsuits, and relaxed sustainable jumpsuit styles

Sizes: XS-4XL

Ships to: US & International

is a women-led online marketplace showcasing the best small independent brands creating sustainable products.

They have a great selection of jumpsuits from brands, including Miel, a sustainable brand that is size-inclusive, creating unique relaxed fit jumpsuits from sustainable fabrics.

As a bonus, Made Trade offers carbon-neutral shipping in the US on all orders.

16. Amour Vert

Amour Vert ethical jumpsuit

Sustainability: Ethical jumpsuits made in California using sustainable materials. Trees are planted for every tee sold.

Styles: Summer jumpsuits, off the shoulder jumpsuits, minimalist jumpsuit styles

Sizes: XS-XL

Ships to: the US & International

If you’re looking for a jumpsuit you can effortlessly transform from day to night, check out Amour Vert – a California-based brand that creates its collection in small batched in the USA.

Each jumpsuit is created with Amour Vert’s signature eco-friendly fabric, completely traceable from raw material to the final garment. Amour Vert partners directly with mills to ensure sustainable production practices and high-quality fabrics are used.

Amour Vert Sustainable jumpsuits

Wrapping Up: Ethical and Sustainable Jumpsuit

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of sustainable jumpsuits, and have discovered some exciting new sustainable brands.

If you enjoyed this article, check out our sustainable sneakers and sustainable boots recommendations.


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