7 Best Vegan Hiking Socks For All Day Comfort

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Are you struggling to find the perfect pair of truly vegan hiking socks?

Most hiking socks are made using blends of merino wool and are therefore non-vegan.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched for the best-rated vegan hiking socks made without the use of animal products and added them to this handy guide.

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Bethany Hiking
Join me as I take you through my recommendations for the best vegan hiking socks!

Let’s jump in.

1. Darn Tough Coolmax

Highlights: The perfect vegan trekking socks, with non slip, non blister material. Moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry.

DarnTough Vegan hiking socks

Darn Tough socks are high-quality socks guaranteed to last years; They offer a lifelong guarantee with every pair. 

Darn Tough Coolmax socks are knitted without wool or other animal products and are entirely vegan. 

Their specialized hiking socks are perfect for trekking, as they offer foot cushioning, nonslip soles and don’t cause blisters. Made with over 50% Coolmax technology fabric, they keep your feet cool and dry by drawing moisture away.

2. Bombas

Highlights: Thermoregulating and moisture-wicking technology keep your feet comfortable for all-day adventures. One pair purchased = one pair donated to homeless shelters.

Bombas vegan hiking socks

Bombas is a sustainable clothing brand that produces a great range of vegan performance socks. Perfect for long hikes, their Hex tec technology is breathable and keeps your feet cool and dry.

Their hiking socks come in a range of cool colors and patterns and feature a seamless toe design so that you can walk all day in smooth socks without any annoying bumps.

Bombas donates a pair of socks to people in need every time a pair is purchased.

3. Thorlos Moderate Cushion Crew LTH

Highlights: High performance, long-lasting vegan hiking socks, perfect for long trails and excursions.

Thorlos vegan hiking socks

Thorlos created their hiking socks with a blend of their signature THOR WICK fabric, designed to keep your feet cool. Made in the USA, this brand gets excellent reviews about the comfort and durability of their hiking sock range, with over six hundred five-star reviews.

Their LTH range dries quickly, so they are the perfect socks for taking on weekend hikes if you need to pack light.

4. La Sportiva X-cursion Long Socks

Highlights: The perfect socks for hiking and light mountaineering with a high amount of cushioning and fast-drying properties.

La Sportive vegan trekking socks

Popular among climbers and trekkers alike, Las sportivas X-cursion long socks are ideal for trail hiking, excursions, and light mountaineering. 

These socks are created with a blend of non-animal derived materials, making them vegan friendly. Plus, the fast-drying properties of these socks mean your feet stay dry all day long.

5. EcoSox Bamboo Full Cushion Hiking Socks

Highlights: Perfect for trails and light treks, socks are made from sustainable bamboo fibers and built to provide whole foot cushioning.

EcoSox natural bamboo vegan hiking socks

EcoSox creates sustainable vegan socks from bamboo fibers without the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides. Bamboo is a naturally cooling and moisture-wicking material to keep your feet dry and sweat-free. 

Designed to provide your foot with 360 degrees of cushioning, you can spend all day on the trails without worrying about sore feet or blisters. 

For every one pair bought, Ecosox will plant a tree.

6. Thirty 48 Light Hiking Socks

Highlights: Perfect for hiking in milder climates, the light hiking socks will keep you cool on the trails.

Thirty 48 Light hiking socks

Thirty 48 socks help you perform at your best when trekking, running or walking. The light hiking socks are perfect for warmer climates and will keep you cool and comfortable, with their moisture-wicking technology and elastic arch support.

They also sell thicker hiking socks if you’re looking for a pair to keep your feet warm and dry when on long treks. Their socks are all made from non-animal materials and are entirely vegan.

7. On Running

Highlights: Perfect for trail running, high sock in lightweight material.

On running vegan trail socks

On running is the go-to sustainable running shoe brand, but they also produce a range of fantastic vegan hiking boots and socks. They only use vegan fabrics in their footwear, and their socks are made from non-animal derived materials. The High socks are perfect for trail running; the sock features technical mesh paneling designed to keep the temperature of your foot perfectly balanced. Oh, and they also come in a range of cool colors!

Vegan hiking socks

We hope you enjoyed the recommendations, and hopefully you have found the perfect vegan hiking socks for your adventures.

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If you have any feedback, or other brand recommendations, let us know in the comments below!


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