10 Sustainable Socks to Treat Your Feet

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Are you looking for a pair of sustainable socks? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate list of great brands creating organic and sustainable socks.

We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a great pair of socks. We wear them all day long and therefore want our socks to be comfortable, breathable.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find socks made by brands doing good for people and the planet.

That’s why we’ve researched the best brands creating fantastic socks ethically from sustainable materials.

If you’re looking specifically for hiking socks, check out our guide on sustainable vegan hiking socks.

Let’s jump in.

The Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Socks

1. Organic Basics

Organic Basics organic cotton socks in white, ribbed with black stripe and organic basics printed

Sustainability: Ethically made, GOTS certified organic cotton socks

Sock Styles: Organic cotton socks, sheer socks, invisible socks, and ankle socks

Price: 2-pack from $14

Organic Basics produce fantastic high-quality, eco-friendly staples, and their sustainable socks are no exception.

With a great range of men’s and women’s socks, made with recycled and sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled wool, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Organic Basics are a Certified B Corporation, which means they balance purpose and profit, invest in environmentally friendly production methods, and ensure ethical production of their clothes.

Organic Basics orange socks


Sustainability: Certified B corporation, creating cozy socks from recycled and organic materials.

Sock Styles: Wool socks, ankle socks, invisible socks, trainer socks

Price: from $9.50

Keep your toes cozy all day long in organic and sustainable socks, which come in dreamy colors and styles.

This sustainable fashion brand has a selection of organic cotton socks, recycled wool socks, and even an ultra-thick pair of socks made from SeaWool®, a material from up-cycled oyster shells.

3. Boody

Boody ankle socks in white made from bamboo

Sustainability: Organic bamboo socks, ethically made from sustainable, low-impact material.

Sock Styles: Sports sock, trainer sock, ankle sock, and bed sock styles

Price: from $8.95

For comfortable, breathable, and sustainable socks, check out the fantastic selection of organic bamboo socks available at Boody.

These organic socks are warmer than cotton socks due to the moisture-wicking properties of bamboo viscose, which keep your feet warm and dry.

Boody’s sustainable socks, created from eco-friendly viscose yarn cultivated from bamboo stalks, are also hypoallergenic, pesticide-free, and thermo-regulating.

Boody bamboo grey socks featured on feet

4. Pact

Pact organic cotton sustainable socks, three pack with patterns

Sustainability: Sustainable socks made with GOTS certified organic cotton

Sock Styles: Hidden socks, ankle socks, patterned socks

Price: 2-pack from $14

If you love fun, playful patterned socks, Pact is your go-to brand.

Pact’s socks, created with organic cotton, are free from toxic chemicals or pesticides and use up to 81% less water to produce than conventional cotton. In addition, Pact’s socks are made ethically in GOTS certified factories, empowering employees and providing safe working environments.

Pact organic cotton socks one in white and one in cream


Sustainability: Environmentally Friendly Dyed, Oeko-Tex® Organic cotton socks

Sock Styles: Ankle socks in 26 different colors

Price: from $11

Sick of uncomfortable seams in your socks? has the answer to that, with its seamless organic cotton socks.

The socks come in 26 different environmentally friendly shades, from vibrant red to emerald green, so the most challenging part will be picking which colors you love the most.

Colorful Standards sustainable socks are produced ethically in Portugal.


Concious Step sustainable socks, blue with little white cloud pattern

Sustainability: Every pair of socks purchased supports a charity organization. Each sock is produced ethically and sustainably from eco-friendly materials.

Sock Styles: Patterned ankle socks, patterned crew socks, sock gift boxes

Price: from $10

For socks that do good, look no further than . This sustainable sock company is creating organic socks which care for people and the planet.

Every pair purchased supports a charity organization. For example, saving the turtles’ socks supports Oceana to protect sea turtles and marine life.

Conscious Step has many other organizations they support, including mental health charities, LGBTQ+ organizations, Conservation International, and their work to protect animal habitats.

Concious step socks dark blue with green turtles

7. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective recycled socks in mocha featuring please recycle slogan

Sustainability: Recycled plastic bottle socks, fully recyclable after use.

Sock Styles: Ankle socks, crew socks and no show socks

Price: from $12

Please Recycle – that’s the ethos behind Girlfriend Collective’s eco-friendly, recycled plastic bottles socks.

Each pair of socks diverts up to 5 plastic bottles away from landfills and saves 1.41 kW of energy to produce compared to a pair of regular socks.

Girlfriends’ socks are created with a compression mesh and rib stitch to promote circulation and reduce foot and ankle swelling.

Girlfriend Collective recycled socks in blue featuring the slogan "Waste Not"

8. Woron

Woron organic cotton socks showing seven different colors

Sustainability: Allergy-friendly, ethically made socks from natural fibers.

Sock styles: Ribbed socks, multi-colored socks

Price: from $16

Get a pair of socks your feet will thank you for! These eco-friendly socks from the organic underwear brand Woron will leave your feet feeling cozy and soft.

Ethically made with luxurious Egyptian organic cotton, these socks will keep your feet dry and moisture-free, thanks to the breathable nature of organic cotton.

Woron sustainable socks in pink with drawn boob pattern

9. Patagonia

Patagonis white socks with Patagonia logo on top of socks

Sustainability: Performance socks created with eco-friendly and responsibly sourced materials including responsible merino wool.

Sock Styles: Performance socks, sport sock, and knee-high sock styles

Price: from $18

Sustainable outdoor clothing brand Patagonia is well known for creating high-performing and durable outdoor gear, and its range of sustainable socks is no exception.

They are made with responsibly sourced and recycled material, including Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) merino wool, recycled polyester, and recycled nylon.

Patagonia’s socks are both sustainable, versatile, and sure to keep your toes toasty warm.

Patagonia ankle socks

10. 8000 Kicks

8000 kicks hemp socks in white with green and black stripe

Sustainability: 100% hemp socks from sustainable and organic hemp.

Sock Styles: Ankle socks and striped crew socks

Price: from $14

8000 kicks have created the world’s first sustainable hemp socks. These eco-friendly socks are super soft and keep your feet breathable.

We’ve tested the striped ankle socks ourselves and love the style and feel of these socks; even better, they’re produced ethically and with eco-friendly materials.

8000 Kicks black ankle socks

Wrapping Up: Sustainable Socks

We hope you’ve enjoyed the article! If you liked this post, you’ll love our guides on sustainable sneakers, and organic underwear.

Thanks for reading.

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