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Best Vegan Purse Brands You Should Check Out

vegan purse brands
On the lookout for your next vegan purse? You’re in the right place. They’re rare, but there are some amazing vegan purse brands out there. We think the ones included in this article are some of the very best. We’ve…

What is TENCEL?: The Introductory Guide

what is tencel
You’ve likely seen a sustainable brand highlighting their use of TENCEL fibers fabric. But what is it? Why is it classed as a sustainable material? In this article, we’re going to show you what TENCEL™ is, the pros and cons…

Where to Shop Sustainable Fashion in Berlin

sustainable fashion berlin
Staying in Berlin and looking to do some sustainable shopping? This guide was made for you. We’ve found the best sustainable fashion stores in the German capital to make your search easier. Without further ado, let’s jump into the guide.…

4 Ethical Made in Portugal Cork Handbags

made in portugal cork handbag
If you’re looking for a Made in Portugal Cork handbag or purse, this article is for you. Cork bags have gained popularity over recent years for a number of reasons. Firstly, cork bags are completely natural and vegan. They also…

Where to Shop Sustainable Fashion in Chicago

sustainable fashion brands in Chicago
Looking to shop sustainable fashion in Chicago? This article is for you! We’ve done our research and found five of the best sustainable brands currently operating out of Chicago. Most of them have physical locations, sometimes pop-up stores, but even…

6 Sustainable Fashion Brands from Montreal

Sustainable Fashion Montreal
Montreal is a hub of activity for sustainable fashion brands and it’s only getting better. If you’re there, we highly recommend checking out these brands creating stylish, eco-friendly womenswear and menswear. Let’s get straight into the list! Eco-Friendly & Sustainable…