Atoms vs Allbirds: In Depth Comparison

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Can’t decide between a pair of Atoms vs Allbirds? No problem.

We’ve analyzed each brand in detail and compared Allbirds vs Atoms in this handy guide to make it easier to find the right shoe brand for you.

We cover what shoes each brand produces, the materials Allbirds and Atoms use, how the shoes fit, brand sustainability, and more.

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s jump in.

BrandAllbirds logoAtoms shoes logo
What they Make•Casual everyday sneaker
•Running shoes
•Trail Running Shoes
•Casual Everyday sneakers
Key Features•Sustainable materials
•High-quality and comfortable
•Good reviews
• Available in half and quarter sizes, and different sized shoes
•Good reviews
Negatives• Not waterproof, only water resistant styles available•Not Waterproof
•Limited model and color choice
Eco friendly materials?
Price rangefrom $98from $129

About Atoms Shoes

Atoms shoes is a New-York based sneaker brand solving the problem of poorly fitting shoes. The brand offers quarter and half sizes and allows customers to buy pairs of shoes in two different sizes for different sized feet.

Atoms was founded by husband and wife duo Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali. Shoemaking craftsmen inspired Sidra in a small village in Pakistan, and this is where her passion for shoemaking began. Sidra learned from these craftsmen and collaborated to launch a small Collection called Hometown in 2012.

A few years later, and thanks to a Kickstarter campaign and acceptance into a San Fransisco accelerator program called Y-combinator, Atoms was launched, and the goal to create the world’s most comfortable shoe was born.

Atoms Shoes in White

About Allbirds

Allbirds is a sustainable shoe company creating sneakers, running shoes, and flats from eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices.

Allbirds founders Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger

Allbirds was launched in 2014 by New Zealand-native Tim Brown and San Francisco-based Joey Zwillinger, both with a passion for sustainability.

Having grown up in New Zealand, Tim wondered why merino-wool – a sustainable resource with moisture-wicking properties – was virtually absent in the footwear industry. So this is where the journey began, and the Allbirds Merino Wool Runner was born.

Until the Wool runner launched, many sustainable sneakers were un-stylish and lacked key features you expect from sneakers, including a comfortable sole and breathable fabric. It was here that Allbirds set the standard for other sustainable shoe brands to follow.

Allbirds produce a range of high-quality men’s, women’s, and children’s sneakers, running shoes, and flats, all from sustainable materials.

Allbirds vs atoms Allbirds tree runners
Allbirds Tree Runners in White

What Styles do Atoms make?

Atoms are on a mission to create the most comfortable and well-fitting shoes. Currently, the brand only produces one model, model 000, in seven colors.

Atoms shoes aren’t designed for running; they are designed for walking long distances around the city.

Model 000
StyleAtoms sneaker atoms vs allbirds review
Materials•TPU coated polyester uppers
•Copper lined insole
•Foam outsole
Water resistant
Where to

What Styles do Allbirds make?

Allbirds, on the other hand, produce a large range of shoe and sneaker styles. We’ve highlighted some of Allbirds’ most popular types in the table below.

Wool RunnersWool Runner MizzlesTree RunnersTree Dashers
StyleAllbirds wool runnersAllbirds Tree RunnerAllbirds Tree Dashers
MaterialZQ Merino WoolZQ Merino WoolNatural Eucalyptus Tree FibersRenewable, durable and breathable Tree material
Water Resistant
Where To BuyShop Wool RunnersShop Wool Runner Mizzles Shop Tree RunnersShop Tree Dashers

What materials do Atoms use?

Atoms materials aren’t sustainable and eco-friendly compared to Allbirds. However, Atoms shoes are made with 100% vegan materials.

Atoms shoes atoms vs allbirds


TPU coated and polyester yarn

TPU is a type of plastic that is highly durable.


Atoms insoles are lined with antimicrobial copper threads, which are antibacterial and antimicrobial, killing bacteria and preventing foot odor.


 Elastic laces that allow Atoms to slip on and off easily.

What materials do Allbirds use?

Allbirds are committed to using eco-friendly and natural materials. Some of the sustainable materials Allbirds uses are highlighted below:

Allbirds in box
Our Editors Allbirds in shoe box


Tree Fibers

Harvested responsibly from FSC® certified forests, Allbirds produce Eucalyptus tree fibers which are then spun into silky smooth and breathable yarn and knit into its classic tree runner and dasher styles.

Merino Wool

Responsibly sourced ZQ Merino wool from New Zealand is used for Allbirds Wool Runner and Wool Mizzles styles. The ZQ organization ensures the wool sourced meets high farming, land management, and animal welfare standards.

By using Merino wool, Allbirds uses 60% less energy compared to typical synthetic material.


Recycled Plastic Bottles

One recycled plastic bottle is transformed into Allbirds’ signature shoelaces.


Allbirds Sweetfoam® soles are created from responsibly sourced sugarcane, a renewable resource that grows quickly, removes carbon from the atmosphere, and requires little irrigation.

How do Atoms Shoes fit?

Atoms offer half and quarter sizes and have the option to choose two different sized shoes; this ensures you get the best fit for your feet.

Customers say that the shoes tend to fit perfectly in the snippet taken from Atoms website.

Atoms vs allbirds Atoms review score
Atoms review and fit scale

How does Allbirds Shoes fit?

We’ve tested both the Allbirds Tree Dasher and Tree Piper styles, and we would say that Allbirds fits true to size.

We sized up our Tree Dashers as a half size, and they fit perfectly.

In Allbirds reviews, customers also agree that Allbirds are true to size and that the shoes are good quality.

Allbirds vs atoms allbirds review score
Allbirds review score and size scale

Are Atoms waterproof?

No, Atoms shoes aren’t waterproof. The upper material is breathable, which prevents feet from sweating; however, it won’t keep the rain out.

Are Allbirds shoes waterproof?

One drawback for Allbirds shoes is that they don’t produce a fully waterproof sneaker. However, water-resistant styles are available that form part of the Mizzles range.

Water resistant mizzles
Water Resistant Wool Mizzles

Is Atoms Sustainable?

Atoms shoes are working on setting up a recycling program for its shoes which are 99% recyclable. In addition, the brand uses water less dyeing process to eliminate toxic runoff, and Atoms offsets the carbon on all shipments.

However, we wouldn’t consider Atoms Shoes a sustainable brand. The company doesn’t use sustainable materials and opts to use virgin polyester to create its shoes. In addition, the brand doesn’t provide any information on the working conditions of its factory in Busan, South Korea.

Are Allbirds Sustainable?

B Corp

Allbirds is a sustainable brand, recognized as a certified B corporation, which means the brand meets high ethical and environmental production standards. Allbirds use sustainable materials, recycled materials, and ethical labor.

In addition, Allbirds is a climate-neutral certified company, which means it offsets all the carbon produced in its supply chain and shipping.

Wrapping Up: Atoms vs Allbirds

When looking at Allbirds vs Atoms, both brands create stylish minimalist sneakers with all-day comfort, great for commuting and walking.

Atoms is a great brand if you’re looking for a vegan sneaker or require different shoe sizes and want shoes available in quarter and half sizes.

However, If you’re looking for a sustainable brand with more style choice, Allbirds is the better option, as they have a more extensive selection of styles and colors.

If you’re looking for other Allbirds alternatives or waterproof sneakers, you might enjoy reading our comparison of a Vessi shoe vs Allbirds.


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